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Sage 100 Video – Multiple Purchase Orders on Single Receipt of Goods

By April 20, 2020No Comments

Your Sage 100 Purchase Order module streamlines your workflow with vendors—from order to delivery. It provides easy access to accurate records of all your important transactions, tracking shipping methods, required dates, contacts, reorder points, and more. Learn how to take full advantage of this tool with this helpful Sage 100cloud tutorial video by SWK SVP of STAT, Merilyn Van Zwieten:

Sage 100 – Multiple POs on Single Receipt of Goods transcript:

Welcome to SWK’s video series on Sage 100. This video is going to show you how to receive multiple purchase orders on a single receipt of goods.

Launching the task I am going to procede normally selecting the next receipt number, and then I am going to look for my purchase orders where I have a multiple purchase orders for single vendor. Let’s select Southwest Amalgamated.

If I click on this new little icon — this little plus sign — it’s going to bring up all of the purchase orders that are allowed to be received with the original one I selected. There are four requirements:

  • All the purchase orders have to have the same terms code,
  • They have to have the same sales tax schedule,
  • The purchase address also needs to have the same sales tax schedule as the other orders, and
  • The shipping code needs to be the same.

What I am going to do with this is I am going to go ahead and I’m going to apply for all. I could have clicked on one of the icons over here to either receive all or receive them individually by going line by line — and I have the choice of receiving complete. I am going to choose not to do that.

When I come to the lines, you’re going to see that I have line items by different purchase orders. I actually moved this field up from the secondary grid just so I could see which purchase orders were being received.

Now I can go ahead and make my selections on what a product has been received…and let’s select our lot number. And, we’ll do the last one.

When I click accept and come to the totals tabs, I can apply landed cost to this or, in my case, I’m going to just simply finish the receipt and then I’m going to update it.

Let’s just take a quick little look at the receipt register. I have Paperless Office enabled, so I’m just going to print so it sends it to Paperless Office.

I will get my back order fill report, which is standard when you doing receipt of goods.

On my report you can see all the different items that have been received, and you’ll notice under the PO number it says “multiple” instead of the “individual” purchase order numbers.

If I come down to the second page, these are the sales orders that can be filled because of this receipt, and then I’m going to simply update the register’s normally.

I have enabled the daily transaction register so that it also automatically updates. That is found in role maintenance if you would like to give that a try too.

Give this a try. I think this is a wonderful new feature, and I think it’s going to be handy for many clients.

Thanks for watching the video.

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