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Sage 100 ERP Function: Purchasing Management

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Over the next weeks our Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90/200) blog will discuss the core functions the encompass Sage 100 ERP.  Each post will detail the different aspects of Sage 100 ERP that allow you to total control and visibility of every facet of your business including the functionality of Purchasing Management, Accounting and Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting, etc.

This first post will discuss the Purchasing Management features in Sage 100 ERP.  You can efficiently streamline your entire purchasing process from order to delivery.  It is ever important to keep detailed records of all aspects or your purchasing process including quantity, price, who in the company placed the order, and special shipping instructions.  The purchasing management software module creates these records and can also automatically send a purchase order to your vendor when on-hand quantity falls below a specified minimum level.  The rest of this blog will go deeper into the purchase order module and in addition will discuss some paperless office aspects that allow your company to become cost efficient and eco-friendly.

Purchase Order

Sage 100 ERP Purchase Order streamlines your workflow with vendors and provides easy access to accurate records of all your important transactions.  You can automate your processes where appropriate and specify the key indicators for the appropriate actions to take.  Track details for every transaction to confirm and validate with confidence.  When your on-hand quantity falls below a certain specified amount, Sage 100 ERP automatically generates a purchase order according to your specifications to the correct vendor, which ensures that you will never run out of key items.


When Purchase Order is used with Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, and Sales Order, your comprehensive purchasing system works the way you do. Receipt of goods automatically adjusts inventory quantities and produces a Back Order Fill Report. Furthermore, invoices received automatically update Accounts Payable records, and to ensure just-in-time fulfillment, you can automatically generate purchase orders for select groups of sales orders. With Purchase Order, you can make more informed purchasing decisions, and all of your purchasing and receiving information is readily available as needed.

Purchase Order Features:

  • Drop-Ship Orders: Purchase orders can be created for items shipped directly from vendor to customer.  When Purchase Order is integrated with Sales Order module, the customer number and address information can be automatically retrieved.
  • Landed Cost Calculation: Landed cost information is entered in receipt of goods with an unlimited number of user-definable costs for each general ledger clearing account.
  • Blanket and Repeating Orders: Easily establish a repeating order to speed the process when you regularly order from the same vendor.
  • Use Tax: Purchase Order allows you to flag individual lines as Use Tax, track the tax to pay on items purchased, then specify to expense the tax to inventory items.
  • Vendor Price Level: Price schedules for specific vendors, product lines, or inventory items can be set up based on the standard cost or a specified discount method.

Paperless Office

Save time, money, and the environment by using the paperless office capabilities provided to you in Sage 100 ERP. Improve communications and save postage by efficiently emailing and faxing documents to your customers, prospects, vendors, resellers, and employees in the same office or remote locations.  Going green is now possible due to the following features:

  • Journals and Registers: Convert journals and registers to PDF format, eliminate paper waste, and save money. Plus, you can still print out hard copies and specify the pages that you want. Storing your journals and registers as PDFs lets you search and archive much easier—saving you time and space. All journals and registers are viewable from one location with the ability to determine if they have been updated. What’s more, you can quickly send any of these large documents by email to your auditors. You may also choose to archive the last copy or all previous versions.
  • Sales Order and Sales Order Invoices:  Save sales orders and sales order invoices as PDFs and send a copy to the customer. This way, if a customer calls with a question, your computer screen will display the customer’s exact copy. Save postage costs by distributing electronically. Resend the customer a copy of an invoice with the click of your mouse. Users can view these forms by date, source, user ID, and file name. You can see if the form still exists and whether it was sent electronically as well. You also may choose to archive the last copy of the invoice or all previous versions.
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices: Convert Accounts Receivable (AR) invoices to PDF format, print a copy to send to a customer, and save a copy electronically—all in one step. View invoices by invoice date, invoice source, user, or file name. It’s also possible for you to see whether an invoice still exists and whether it was sent electronically and decide whether to archive the last copy of the invoice or all invoices.
  • Job Cost Invoices: View and reprint Job Cost invoices by date, source, user, and file name. Also, you can see if an invoice still exists and whether it was sent electronically, and decide either to archive the last copy of the invoice or all invoices. Recalling and printing PDF files can be done on either a customer or job basis.
  • Purchase Orders: Save purchase orders (POs) as PDFs and send email copies directly to the vendor within the same process, improving turnaround time and communication with your vendor. You can retrieve archived POs by date, source, user ID, and file name. You also may choose to archive the last copy of the PO or all previous versions.


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