Warehouse Management

Scanco has over 25 years’ experience in barcoding automation and cutting-edge warehouse automation software. Scanco was built on a dream to automate warehouses with mobile technology.

Warehouse Management

Scanco ONE: One Software Solution

  • Directed Picking
  • Transfer and Rotate Inventory
  • Directed Put Away
  • Radio Frequency, Wireless and Apple iOS Integration
  • Wave Pick Sheets
  • Reserve and Release Inventory
  • License Plate Pallet and Case Pack Inventory

Warehouse Automation

Meet the future of Warehouse Management for Sage 100cloud ERP- Warehouse Automation.

Designed with more than 26 years of experience in barcoding automation, Warehouse Automation will forever change the way you work. Manage your warehouse in the cloud on iOS, Android, and Windows. Provide your customers with accurate levels of inventory they can count on. Increase ship time and decrease errors with devices you have in your pocket, and all with a seamless integration to Sage 100cloud ERP that only ONE can offer. Automate your warehouse with the latest in technology and cloud reliability from the leaders in mobile technology.

EMPOWER 2018 | Scanco Interview

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Manufacturing Automation

Job Order Scan (JOScan)

JoScan allows your warehouse, field service or remote teams to capture labor, material, status and time care information and send that data into JobOps for updates.

JoScan is a highly flexible, adaptable barcode data collection solution ideal for manufacturers and is optimized for JobOps.

For: Labor Tracking, Parts Usage, Status Updates, Time Card Tracking


  • Fast and accurate – can auto sync right into JobOps using Data Collector
  • Scanning minimizes data entry errors
  • Live Shop Floor Monitoring
  • Cost Effective—allows field service or remote installation teams to track inventory used and time spent on jobs
  • Highly flexible—captures material usage, labor tracking, status change, time card data

Work Order Module & WOScan

Manufacturing Automation provides make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and engineer-to-order manufacturers with a more efficient and effective manufacturing process through Sage 100cloud ERP’s Work Order Module. With increased automation and pre-set options, Manufacturing Automation will help minimize user entry and maximize work flow.

Partnering with WOScan, wireless handheld devices capture WO transaction data on the shop floor in real time, without the need for computer workstations. It prompts for and collects all of the same data you can enter through Work Order Transaction Entry, in a clean, intuitive handheld interface.


  • Work Order Dashboard
  • Work Center Dashboard
  • Outside Processing
  • Make-To-Order
  • Auto Generate Purchase Orders from Inventory
  • Auto Generate Purchase Orders from Work Orders
  • Purchase Orders from Inventory
  • Purchase Orders from Work Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Warehouse Management with Multi-Bin
  • Shop Floor Automation & RF Scanning with WOSCAN


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