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From order processing and managing bar coding to product management, SWK can help you do what you do best – serve your customers.

Distribution and Warehouse Management ERP Software

Let’s face it, if you’re a distributor, your plate is already full without having to worry about having the right distribution software to track and manage all of your processes. You require consistent, accurate updates about your operations in order to maximize deliverables to your customers, and you need them in real-time. In addition to controlling inventory levels, you must streamline your fulfillment and warehouse management processes as well as ensure you comply with packaged goods regulations. On top of that, you must be able to deliver top-notch customer service to your clients.

SWK Technologies is your go-to partner for modernizing your value chain with wholesale distribution ERP and warehouse management software. We help distributors and manufacturers meet their challenges head-on by focusing on dynamic, scalable solutions for warehouse and inventory management that will bring value to your business both now and in the future. From order processing and barcode cataloging to product management and beyond, SWK can help you do what you do best – get those boxes out the door.

No matter where you stand in your supply chain, SWK will help you find the software that is the best fit with your needs, whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer, direct to consumer distributor, or live in any other distribution channel. Whether you require a comprehensive ERP suite to serve multiple functions, or are just looking to integrate standalone barcoding, inventory control and/or warehouse management systems with your existing applications, our expert consultants will help you build the technology stack that maximizes your ROI.


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