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Accounts Receivable Automation Software

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Enable and empower your Accounts Receivables team to operate efficiently in a work from home environment with the Working Remotely Kit by Lockstep Collect

Remote work has become an increasingly popular and cost-effective alternative to the traditional static workplace model. The new normal of 2020 only solidified the importance of being able to empower employees to work from home. With modern accounts receivables automation software hosted in the cloud, your collectors will still be able seamlessly manage invoices and payments even while telecommuting.

Adjusting to the distributed workforce model can be a challenge for some, though, if you are building your best practice from scratch or lack experience employing a widespread remote team. Learn how to optimize your collections management for telework with the Working Remotely Kit provided by Lockstep Collect. Sign up now for guidance on how to set up and eventually master a work from home environment.

Get the Remote Work Kit for Accounts Receivable Automation Now and Empower Your Collectors to Telecommute from Anywhere

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Automating your accounts receivable with modern cloud software streamlines your collections management and gives you access to the latest tools for collaboration. Discover for yourself how web-based AR automation will break down your data siloes by taking a free Product Tour of Lockstep Collect.

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