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Business Intelligence


Nectari Business Intelligence and Reporting Software

Nectari is a fully integrated business intelligence (BI) and data management solution that enables your company to make informed decisions armed with real-time information. It empowers all users with a simple interface, advanced analytics and self-sufficiency, eliminating the need for disparate tools and specialized skills. Gain unprecedented access and insight into your operations and ensure silos will never stop you from extracting the true value from your business processes.

Lack of visibility into your financials prevents you from obtaining the big picture from your margins, and determining where your decision-making generates the best returns. Relying on incompatible legacy systems for your business intelligence and reporting will force you to revert to tedious manual entry and dilute your ROI on your software investment. Modern data management also requires improved and more consistent cybersecurity to protect end user access to your mission-critical assets.

Integrating Nectari with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will allow you to bridge your central database with your BI tool seamlessly and capture information direct from your operations. With an intuitive UI, advanced business logic capabilities and simplified dashboards, users will be able to extract real-time data without having to exit and in out of multiple applications. Access is cybersecure to ensure your integration remains protected while consolidating your disparate data fields into a single version of truth.


Gain visibility and insight

Measure the performance of your organization and the different factors that impact your business and make data-driven decisions faster.

  • Get access to your data in real-time
  • Use any platform like web, mobile, and Excel
  • Navigate through intuitive views, dashboards, and reports


Empower all users

Nectari empowers all employees, technical and non-technical, and removes the barrier of relying on IT to provide users with the reports they need to do their jobs.

  • Create and customize views with just a few clicks
  • Manipulate your data with easy-to-use features like filters, pivots, ranks, and KPIs
  • Analyze your data in the most meaningful way, with over 100 visualizations


Manage your data

Manage data from multiple sources and locations using the extract, transform, load (ETL) process that blends data and prepares it for analysis and reporting in Nectari.

  • Make business decisions on data that you can trust
  • Cut down on the time and costs of additional labor or tools for prepping or cleaning data
  • Migrate data from legacy or third-party systems
  • Consolidate data between disparate databases
  • Centralize data into a data warehouse

Download the Nectari DataSync brochure.


Achieve quick ROI

Why develop complex data models when Nectari provides out-of-the-box views and dashboards tailored to your ERP system? These pre-configured templates require minimal set-up and are ready to use from day one.

  • Analyze your enterprise’s performance with predefined reports
  • Consolidate and access large amounts of data
  • Provide KPIs for Finance, Sales, Inventory, and CRM



Nectari for Sage X3 is a comprehensive, easy to use BI solution that provides access to Sage X3 data and other data sources for real-time analysis and reporting. Embedded within Sage X3, Nectari comes with hundreds of out-of-the-box real-time visualizations and reports, based on Sage X3’s manufacturing, distribution and financial applications. Over 1,500 customers benefit from Nectari today, making it the BI solution of choice for Sage X3 customers.

Download the Nectari for Sage X3 brochure.

Nectari for Sage 100cloud empowers all users with an intuitive interface for analysis and reporting and includes out-of-the-box views and dashboards.  After minimal training, users can slice and dice and drill down into the data they need to perform their work and make timely decisions. A “fan favorite” is the Excel Add-in for its live financial data management. For these reasons, Nectari is fast becoming the preferred BI solution for Sage 100cloud customers.

Download the Nectari for Sage 100cloud brochure.


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