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Expand Acumatica Ecommerce When You Integrate BigCommerce

Acumatica serves as a foundational core application that unites all of your disparate databases and teams through a centralized repository of data sets, workflows and features. Individual modules work together to deliver industry- and role-specific functions while still providing a robust platform that remains scalable on the backend, allowing you to modify it for growth and other changes in your operations.

The Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition consolidates the Inventory Management, Financial Management, Order Management and Point of Sale (POS) modules as well as the native connectors for both BigCommerce and Shopify within a unified suite. This combined platform provides an end-to-end ecommerce solution that captures visibility into every stage of your extended value chain, granting you the insight you need to fulfill each and every digital order. Your ERP will leverage your integration to streamline your back-office processes and automate critical repetitive tasks, condensing time and costs invested into each order lifecycle while improving the customer-facing experience.

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