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Collecting Accounts Receivable with Sage 100 ERP, 500 ERP and ERP X3

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SWK Featured Solution – e2b’s Anytime Collect

Does your business struggle to manage and collect outstanding accounts receivable? Does your ERP system not provide the tools necessary to manage your collections process?

There are many reasons for which customers withhold payment including insufficient funds, poor cash flow, faulty invoices, or administrative problems.  Standard ERP modules do not allow for the flexibility and usability required in order to streamline the credit and collections process.  Many companies continuously write off bad debts more then necessary since they cannot find a cohesive method to collection.

e2b’s Anytime Collect application can help with your credit and collections management (CCM).

Anytime Collect, which is available in the cloud, helps companies with the collection of their accounts receivable.  It integrates with Sage 100 ERP (fka Sage MAS 90/200), Sage 500 ERP (fka Sage MAS 500), and Sage ERP X3.  Anytime Collect has many features that enable your company to better manage accounts receivable and see a return in increased collections.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding
  • Minimize Bad Debts Write-Offs
  • Improve Operating Efficiency
  • Decrease Credit Financing Costs
  • Improve Cash Forecasting
  • Minimal IT Requirements


Product Features

Activities: Document Accounts Receivable collection phone calls and track inbound and outbound accounts receivable collection correspondence.

Automation: Utilize mail merge for accounts receivable collection templates and accounts receivable collection letters for mass email communications.

Documents: Store PDF copies of accounts receivable invoice, accounts receivable collection letters, customer contracts, and related accounts receivable collections information.

Integrations: Integrated email, phone calls, and accounts receivable collections module for your ERP accounting system.

Work Queues: Generate accounts receivable collection work queues for your credit department and credit reps. Manage daily schedules and setup rules based on accounts receivable or account information.

Intelligence: Built-in accounts receivable collections dashboards, receivables collections key performance indicators (KPIs), and accounts receivable collections reporting and business intelligence.

To Learn More

To learn more about Anytime Collect, click here to contact us.

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