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SAGE 100 Production Management

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Sage 100 - Inventory Requirements Planning-650

More Sage Manufacturing Solutions Developed by Scanco

Production Management was designed for the Sage 100 manufacturing solution by SWK partner Scanco alongside Sage. In addition to PM, Scanco helped develop the Inventory Requirements Planning (IRP) module as well, which replaces the Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) module in Sage 100cloud as Production Management replaces Work Order. Users who migrate from MRP to IRP will also gain several benefits over their legacy software, including:

  • Automated purchase and production item quantity recommendations based on build times, lead times, and supply and demand
  • A Generate PO program that removes manual Purchase Order entry
  • 1-click POs and WOs after editing quantity recommendations
  • Integration with the Inventory Management module
  • And more

To see what else the Inventory Requirements Planning module offers, visit SWK’s Sage 100 IRP page.

Sage 100 Manufacturing Bundle

In 2020, Sage provided manufacturers using Sage 100 the opportunity to significantly expand their solution by upgrading to the new Sage 100cloud for Manufacturing software bundle. This bundled solution includes Production Management along with several other modules for improved supply chain automation and visibility. This bundle also provides improved integration and enhancements for:

  • Accounting and finance management
  • Sales order and customer management
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Improved business intelligence and manufacturing data visibility
  • Improved customization and support for Sage 100 manufacturing users

Learn more about this bundle by visiting SWK’s Sage 100cloud for Manufacturing page.



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