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Production Management is Here for Sage 100!

By May 22, 2019November 1st, 2019No Comments

sage production management is here


Introducing Sage Production Management

The long-anticipated Sage 100 Production Management is finally here!  On May 14, 2019, Sage released Production Management as a replacement for the Sage 100 Work Order module.  Sage Production Management will offer the same features as Work Order while providing many additional benefits including SQL compatibility, dual grids and batch processes, custom office and visual integrator support, and much more. This module centralizes your production data and enables you to keep track of your costs, inventory and raw material quantities leveraging the cloud-connected ecosystem of Sage 100cloud.

What This Means for SWK Customers

When your maintenance and support contract for Sage 100 is up for renewal, you will receive $0 licenses for Sage Production Management and the new Material Requirements Planning module and will pay M&S at the same rate as you would for legacy Work Order and MRP. You may continue to use legacy Work Order and MRP, but we have created a migration tool to ensure a smooth upgrade process. We will continue to provide support for legacy Work Order and MRP until March 2022. We will also release a new Material Requirements Planning module compatible with Sage Production Management on June 28, 2019.

Here are just a few highlights of the Production Management Suite:

  • Dynamic inventory updates inventory in real time
  • Dynamic Labor updates the labor cost / work ticket-order in real time
  • Close and complete a work order (work ticket) simultaneously
  • You no longer have to run a register to release a work order (work ticket)
  • Create New Work Orders from multiple sources
  • Assign Regular Earnings Code and Overtime Earnings Code to Shop Employees
  • Maintain Original and Revised Budgets for Labor, Materials & Other Direct Costs
  • Easily move materials from one step to another step number
  • Use Revision Numbers on Work Order Templates
  • One-click purchase order for outside processing

All in all, in this first release phase Production Management offers 70 additional enhancements developed from scratch on the Sage 100 business framework.

Want to Know More About Sage 100?

sage 100 resources

Before you rush to install beware of some important warnings:

  1. Once installed, Sage Production Management cannot be uninstalled.
  2. The Work Order module basically becomes inactive and you will only be able to inquire and run reports.
  3. The Materials Requirement Planning module will no longer be accessible.
  4. Installation is only for Sage 100 version 2019 (6.1)

Is this new module right for you?  Test it!  Make a test environment before installing.  We can help create the test environment and assist with the installation.

A few installation notes:

  1. General Ledger, Common Information and Inventory Management data files must be created before crating the Production Management data files.
  2. Scanco Product Registration is entered under the Library Master setup menu. There are different types of licenses for Production Management; Standard Users and Shop Floor Users.  These user counts do not need to match the Sage 100 user counts.  You must have at least three Production Management Users.
  3. Read the installation guide! The information is useful and easy to read.

Upgrade from Sage 100 to Sage 100cloud for These New Features

If you have not taken the option to migrate to subscription yet, now may be a good time. The list of enhancements only for Sage 100 subscription is getting longer.

View our blog post here to see more reasons to upgrade your Sage 100 software to Sage 100cloud.

Question? Reach out to us!

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