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Email Encryption Services & Solutions

SWK’s encryption services and solutions will help you protect your most valuable asset in the digital age – your data. Whether on PC, Mac or mobile device, as well as on-premise or in the cloud, we will empower you to shield your communications with clients and partner against external cyber threats and malicious actors. Leveraging the built-in tools of Microsoft 365, we will also enable you to safeguard your mission-critical business management apps such as Teams, Excel and more.

Phishing, ransomware and intensifying data privacy regulations all put you danger of loss if you sensitive information is not defended with the upmost effort. Both regulators and your customers want to know that you are doing everything you can to protect the latter’s personal data, and cybercriminals already know this presents an opportunity to hold you hostage. Adding to all this, remote and hybrid employees are often using their own devices to connect to your network when working from home, creating a shadow IT presence outside of your network management team’s view.

No matter the number or mix of workstations and devices, SWK’s encryption services and solutions will help you secure your communications as well as give you the ability to shut off access to breached devices promptly.

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