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How to Automate Your Supply Chain with Sage 100 & Scanco

By October 28, 2020October 29th, 2020No Comments


Discover Manufacturing & Distribution Automation Through Your ERP

In this blog, we will walk manufacturers and distributors through how to automate your supply chain by implementing Sage 100 and Scanco together. When integrated, these applications deliver comprehensive, up to the minute visibility into your product lifecycles from material resource processing to end product shipping. Deploying this combined technology stack will enable you to streamline inventory management with enhanced processes, data captured in the cloud, and mobile solutions for every stage.

By building a manufacturing and distribution software stack around these solutions, you will be able to capture deep insight into your supply chain operations and leverage process automation throughout. With speed to market demands increasing, the need for digital transformation grows. Having the right technology infrastructure will be key to keeping up with – and surpassing – your competitors. Inventory control applications that deliver mobility, visibility and traceability empower you to fulfill this requirement and ensure ROI.

Here are several ways that integrating your Sage 100 ERP with Scanco will help you automate your core supply chain processes:

Boost Productivity with Scanco Barcode Software for ERP

Integrating barcoding software with your distribution processes grants you the tools to collect and remit lot and serial data throughout your warehouse without having to rely on pen and paper counts. When connected to your ERP, Scanco will feed this information up into your database to be stored with and compared against other KPIs (key performance indicators) in intuitive dashboards. Deploying this solution gives you a top-down view of your processes at every stage, and enables you to modernize your supply chain throughout receiving, picking, packing, shipping, replenishment and more.

Device Agnostic Mobile Solutions Improve Flexibility & Traceability

Modern cloud-hosted solutions have moved traditional software features to mobile devices, and the latest warehouse management systems (WMS) give full access to an array of adaptable options. Taking advantage of this functionality grants users flexibility in scanning, including being able to utilize iOS and Android smartphones. This allows your employees to rely on a greater range of scanning handhelds by employing a robust mobile app that captures the same or better traceability as traditional tools.

Automating Your Inventory Management & Sales Cycles

Removing manual entry from your inventory management allows you to streamline your supply chain and improve decision-making for your business. With Scanco solutions, you can automate cycle counting while quickly and seamlessly pulling up data as it is imported into Sage 100. This reporting is available in real-time for every certified user, including your sales team who have access to order data processed automatically in the Sales app connected to your ERP and CRM.

The digital transformation of these operations allows you to capture more value from supply chain automation by leveraging your software for optimal data management. Utilizing modern reporting features and electronic recordkeeping helps to quickly identify and reconcile errors, which additionally enables you to enforce compliance across the chain.

Leverage the Benefits of Cloud Systems for Distribution

The Sage 100cloud upgrade brought SaaS application connectivity to Sage 100 users, allowing their seamless integration and migration of data between modules. This enables you to build a modern technology stack around your ERP and solutions such as Scanco that captures end to end supply chain visibility and grants anywhere, anytime database access to users at different touchpoints. Cloud systems also permit faster deployment for software as it is not held back by legacy hardware requirements.

Eliminate Silos from the Shop Floor to the Warehouse

Web-based systems allow for simultaneous interaction between users by leveraging the full capabilities of wireless connections to send data instantaneously. Remote employees across various locations can access the same files according to role-based permissions for active collaboration, and supervisors can manage controls at their discretion. This enables you keep your team connected from production to distribution and prevent siloed units from generating inaccuracies, producing unified and automated supply chain reporting.


Remove Traditional IT Investments

A primary driver for migrating to cloud technology is the reduction, or complete removal, of traditional network equipment costs. Legacy IT deployments require significant investments in hardware, from static scanners to desktops for workstations to servers, all of which need regular maintenance and upgrades over time. Relying on software hosted online, however, lets you eliminate these capital expenses totally, or combine existing on-premise resources with your new digital infrastructure in a hybrid environment.

Scanco leverages the cloud to deliver multiple production and warehouse management features through web-based menus. Removing the traditional IT requirements for these deployments provides you with several benefits for supply chain automation, including reducing mobile solution implementation to minutes instead of days or weeks.

Integrated Supply Chain Automation Software for Sage 100

A comprehensive manufacturing and distribution technology stack must have the right software integrations to not only collect and process data, but also to facilitate execution on tasks. Scanco was built to give you the tools you need to track and trace every product within your ERP across its lifecycle, refine your distribution strategy and respond to developments in the supply chain as they emerge. This combined system gives you the information you need up to the minute to optimize your processes, reduce costs and waste, and get the most out of your investments in both inventory and automation.

Manufacturing & Distribution Add-ons for Sage ERP

There are several modules available that boost the native data tracking and management capabilities of Sage 100, including multiple Scanco solutions for different business sizes and needs. Choosing the right add-ons will ensure that your system will be able to handle the unique persistent and changing market demands your business faces. As a top partner for both Sage 100 and Scanco, SWK Technologies can provide additional customization and support resources as you need to get the most value from your solution stack.

Here are some of the integrations designed by Scanco for Sage 100 users:

  • Mobility for Barcode
  • Scanco Warehouse 100
  • Sage 100 Production Management
  • Scanco Multi-bin
  • Scanco Enterprise

Learn How Scanco Automates Your Product Lifecycles

Product is at the core of your business and is a deciding factor in keeping your business profitable and growing. When combined with your ERP, Scanco both delivers comprehensive visibility into your supply chain and automates multiple inventory and warehouse management functions that help you capture the best ROI from your stock – and SWK will help show you how below.

Download our whitepaper below on Warehouse Automation to learn more about Scanco’s supply chain visibility and automation features for Sage 100.

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