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Wholesale Distribution Tools for Sage 100cloud Make Your Job Easy

By September 1, 2020No Comments

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The events of 2020 changed everything for the wholesale distribution industry, finally putting many smaller distributors in a favorable position against the giants like Amazon.

Modern distributors who plan carefully may be able to extend this recent trend well into the future – with the help of some well-chosen wholesale distribution tools for Sage 100cloud.

Learn about the new distribution bundle for Sage 100cloud or read on to discover more about the time-saving tools you can use to supercharge your warehouse operations.                   

6 Top Wholesale Distribution Tools for Sage 100cloud

As a Sage 100cloud (MAS90 / Sage 100) user, you already know how much time and effort you can save by integrating operations across your front- and back-offices. You may not know that you can also integrate a wide range of wholesale distribution tools into the many modules of your Sage 100cloud solution to improve efficiency in your warehouse and beyond.

Here are 6 of the handiest wholesale distribution tools for Sage 100cloud that will help you maintain the competitive edge for years to come.

1. Sage Inventory Advisor (NETSTOCK)

With NETSTOCK powering Sage Inventory Advisor, you will have the power to leverage the data already in your Sage solution to optimize stock levels and increase working capital effortlessly. Discover where you can make your biggest improvements, generate quality forecasts, and gain timely insight with optimal replenishment recommendations in this mobile-ready solution.

  • Get early warnings about stock-outs and surplus orders, and order with one click
  • Classify and prioritize inventory items
  • Get at-a-glance insight with color-coded reports that draw attention to critical inventory needs

2. Scanco Mobility and WMS

Scanco Mobility and WMS solutions make it a breeze to streamline your picking and put away processes, improve count times, and empower your staff to run warehouse operations with speed and accuracy – using mobile devices!

  • Process large amounts of data in record time
  • Perform inventory counts and transfers from anywhere in your warehouse
  • Enjoy live validation and accuracy without ever having to “sync” again

3. SPS Commerce / MAPADOC

Increase sales, increase orders, and increase productivity with help from MAPADOC, the Sage 100-embedded solution that can make it possible for you to achieve your dream of exponentially growing your wholesale distribution business. MAPADOC’s end-to-end EDI gives you the power to finally sell to large trading partners such as Walmart, Cabela’s, Home Depot, and thousands more – making it one of the top wholesale distribution tools for Sage 100cloud.

  • Reduce chargeback fees with simple-to-use validation tools
  • Adjust EDI workflows to match your processes
  • Connect with 80,000+ trading partners
  • Integrate with WMS, barcoding, and shipping solutions for a complete supply chain tool

4. Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module for Sage 100cloud helps you simplify order entry and management for all your inventory items, even across multiple warehouses. Easy to use, the Inventory Management module also helps you improve counts and accurately track your inventory costs, warranties, and lot / serial numbers.

  • Speed up warehouse processing by using Inventory Management with barcodes
  • Connect inventory items with unlimited items for better supply chain management
  • Combine with Inventory Requirements Planning for fast, easy ordering

5. Inventory Requirements Planning (IRP)

Inventory Requirements Planning integrates with the Inventory Management module in your Sage 100cloud system to simplify and speed up purchasing and inventory management. With IRP, you can finally reduce manual data entry, so your staff has more time to focus on the critical decision-making tasks that truly drive your revenues.

  • Manage purchasing in just a few clicks or through automation
  • Allocate materials directly to orders or to stock
  • Gain insight with interactive dashboards

6. Multi-Bin by DSD/ScanForce and Sage 100 Multi-Bin from Scanco

Sage 100cloud integrates with two great multi-bin solutions, so you can choose the option that makes the most sense for you. DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic comes packaged with the Sage 100cloud Advanced Bundle, and Sage 100 Multi-Bin from Scanco is tried and true across the wholesale distribution industry.

  • DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic makes multi-bin setup and management quick and easy with on-the-fly bin locations and transfers, flexible bin sorting options (alphabetical or other), and restrictions for bins based on bin location. Can be upgraded for added functionality.
  • Sage 100 Multi-Bin by Scanco offers flexible warehouse zones and warehouse management process solutions including customizable, directed put-away that prioritizes your needs, as well as directed picking that helps reduce wander time and increase productivity.

Get More from Your Warehouse – Starting Today

Right now is an unprecedented time for leaders in the distribution industry – and it is up to you to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity available to you right now. Using targeted wholesale distribution tools for Sage 100cloud, you can start doing more with your warehouse almost instantly.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can improve your warehouse operations with wholesale distribution tools for Sage 100cloud?

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