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What’s New in Sage HRMS 2022?

By March 28, 2022No Comments

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What's New in Sage HRMS 2022

Get the Details Behind the New Premium Version of Sage HRMS 2022

March 2022 brought an exciting announcement from Sage about the new premium version of Sage HRMS 2022. Find out all the advantages you can expect when you update to your new version.

Sage HRMS 2022 Continues Streamlining Your Human Resources Tasks

Sage Human Resources Management System (HRMS) has been the trusted choice for years of Human Resources management because Sage understands that your business does not have time for manual data entry and tracking of PTO requests, payroll paperwork, or other critical workforce management functions.

The new premium version of Sage HRMS includes the following capabilities:

  • Change the gender identity of your work staff using the HR demographics page (default is “None Specified”)

Sage HRMS 2022 Whats New Gender Identity

  • Find employees quickly with more efficient search functionality and a phone contact list on mobile
  • Clarify each employee’s preferred name on HRMS UIs and reports

Read the full release notes for more information.

Additionally, the new premium version of Sage HRMS 2022 enhances your Employee Self Service (ESS) with added mobile functions for employees and managers.

This functionality includes:

  • New Mobile Approval Flexibility for Managers

Managers are empowered to access additional employee data, review potential conflicts in time-off requests prior to approval, and flexibly add or remove temporary approvers – now all through mobile devices.

  • Faster Admin Management through Mobile

The admin role is a new addition for mobile that enables access for logon maintenance. This more quickly addresses employee access issues – anywhere and anytime.

  • New FMLA Mobile Access

Employee leave and FMLA event requests are now added to the mobile and web premium versions. For all scheduled leave types, employees can also now view balances and initiate requests over mobile.

Sage HRMS Whats New FMLA Mobile Access

Watch a demo of the new capabilities:

This Version Also Includes New Changes to Sage HRMS Payroll

In the US and Canada, the new premium version of Sage HRMS 2022 provides users with the freedom to set up taxes to be included for employees by default when they create new employee records. This saves time by automating key tasks during the new hire process.

In Canada, “province of employment” and “birth date” sections are now listed as required. This better ensures accuracy for your new hire paperwork.

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