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Sage X3 Video – Tool Bar Navigation

By March 13, 2020No Comments

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Want to learn how to better navigate the tool bar to left side in Sage X3 V12? Watch this helpful tutorial video from the SWK Technologies Sage X3 team:

Sage X3 Tool Bar Navigation Video Transcript:

Good day and welcome to SWK Technologies’ Sage X3 Learning Center. We present today Sage X3 V12 Tool Bar Navigation. Let’s go to Sage X3.

When you first open Sage X3 you will be presented with your landing pages.

You may select a link on your landing page.

You can return to the landing pages by simply selecting the Sage logo in the top left corner.

Sage X3 has also provided a Reference date. The Reference date is generally today’s date, but if you had several invoices to enter on a particular day you could change that Reference date to that particular day, and enter those invoices with that date.

Let’s take a look and see if that worked. So now if I select New, you’ll see that the Accounting date is the date we selected.

Let’s return to the landing pages.

Let’s take a look at our User. Here, we can review our full profile, we can determine what language we’re using, we can determine if animations are turned on for our display and we can also log out here.

We can jump to other companies and we can also select the Help button here which will get us to the online Help Center at Sage.

Finally, we can use this icon to open the sitemap. You can run a search on your sitemap, you can move maneuver up and down, or you might find it easier to collapse all and navigate with your mouse.

Thank you for joining us at SWK Technologies Sage X3 Learning Center.

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