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The Complete Guide to Acumatica & Procore for Construction

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guide-acumatica-procore-construction-integration-software-project-managementDiscover the complete guide to leveraging the Acumatica integration with Procore to build a comprehensive and robust construction software system hosted in the cloud. Merging these two applications together enables you to bridge the silos throughout your firm and create a single, unified project management workflow between the field and back office. Gain access to real-time data from any computer or mobile device, and empower your users with a connected UI that provides real-time updates anywhere, anytime.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a state of the art enterprise solution that can be hosted in a SaaS, on-premise or hybrid environment while still retaining the same browser functionality. Both it and Procore provide unique pricing models that eschew traditional user licensing, as well as enable secure, role-based remote access to application features through the web. Create a technology stack built from the ground up with industry-specific software designed to deliver a multitude of project management solutions, fulfilling wide range of needs for general contractor and subcontractor firms anywhere in the market.

Here is the complete guide to understanding the Acumatica integration with Procore for construction projects:

What is Acumatica?

Acumatica Cloud ERP stands out against an ecosystem filled with legacy software for several reasons, and each of these reflect an advancement over the typical offers that have saturated many vertical channels. Traditional applications for general contractors and subcontractors have been limited to basic features, static on-premise deployment and rigid pricing based on license purchases. This also applies to many other industries such as manufacturing, distribution and other service sectors where enterprise level systems have historically been little more than bigger versions of desktop accounting applications.

Acumatica provides flexibility for a variety of market factors and unique circumstances, including permitting enhanced scalability over legacy ERP with an easier path to growth with your software. Cost is based on resource usage instead of user counts and can be scaled to real or projected business sizes at your discretion, and implementation can include as little or as much hardware resources you desire onsite – including none at all. With SaaS connectivity, users can log in anywhere, anytime from any desktop, smartphone or tablet and capture real-time data from simplified dashboards.

Acumatica Construction Edition – Cloud ERP for Your Industry

Too often, contractor and subcontractor firms are forced to rely on manual entry with tools like Microsoft Excel, even with construction accounting and project management software in place. A lack of functionality coupled with static practices leads to silos, both between teams and between systems, and prevents collaboration, automation and seamless workflows. Acumatica Construction Edition works to solve this by unifying your technology, keeping databases connected and providing a single source of truth throughout contract lifecycles.

This industry-specific suite is designed with your needs in mind and to be consistently informative for your users, while remaining flexible to customization for any variety of circumstances. With dedicated modules for field service management, financial management, customer relationship management (CRM) and many other features, Acumatica Cloud ERP provides your construction projects 360-degree visibility into every workflow. With the real-time insight afforded by web-based connectivity, you are be able to keep your teams connected from jobsite to back office without a single interruption.

What is Procore?

Procore is a comprehensive, robust and inclusive project management solution built on an advanced industry-specific platform designed to deliver seamlessly modern functionality to firms like yours. It allows you to organize all ongoing and past contracts, and capture top-down views into details of each with the ability to drill-down further into areas including transactions, locations and more. Users gain a consolidated overview of critical factors for your entire customer portfolio, with easy to read but informative visual indicators saving your considerable time on development notification and decision-making.

Just like Acumatica, Procore avoids the disadvantages of legacy construction management software by allowing you to host your implementation in the cloud and pay according to contracts featured, not user licenses. There are no extra charges for bringing additional team members into either system, allowing you to scale your application stack to your firm’s needs and growth objectives. Automation tailored for contractors and subcontractors will enable you to ensure your project management performs as a well-oiled machine, without having to waste time reverting to spreadsheets in Excel to track items.

Benefits of the Acumatica Integration for Procore

Combining these solutions allows you to bridge any gap between siloed areas of your construction firm, collect data from any touchpoint up to the minute and streamline pain points endemic to your industry. The Acumatica integration with Procore takes advantage of native customization options coupled with the flexibility of the cloud to deploy a seamless workflow between each application. Open APIs ensure that information will pass through these systems freely without requiring additional manual entry for either product, and that project detail fields can be modified quickly and effortlessly to adapt to changes in your operations.

Every component of your construction software stack must be able to communicate to ensure users are able to exchange data and executive on tasks seamlessly. Legacy systems that force you to go in and out of every database just to rekey all relevant by hand every time reduces the effectiveness of your teams and your ROI on technology.



Data Mapping Between Your ERP & Construction Software

The integration between Acumatica and Procore allows your firm to synchronize and share data between each application with the click of a button. You may choose the database in one as the master system of record, but running a quick sync updates both solutions with the changes made in the other, keeping your entire stack consistently accurate and avoiding double entry. Individual fields can be imported or exported freely by leveraging these data flows, including vendor accounts, transaction invoices, purchase orders, subcontracts, budgets, and much more.

This integrated deployment allows users to collaborate efficiently and dependably by ensuring everyone on your team always has access to the same data. By providing a solution for every part of your business, your entire firm will be united under a single overview for all of your projects instead of living in disparate siloed units.

Project Management & Accounting in the Cloud

Migrating your construction management to the cloud brings several advantages, from being able to rely on purely digital workflows in a browser to deploying the latest feature updates without downtime. Integrated SaaS ERP connects your financial and project management to a central hub so that you no longer have to rely on multiple products and bounce from screen to screen to execute on single tasks. Provide your team members with a modern user experience reminiscent of consumer technology like Netflix and Google, and permit subcontractors to stay in touch with a system that communicates with theirs easily.

Gain Access to Latest Construction Software Features

Acumatica continues to upgrade their offerings and build upon their impressive platform, including updates to existing integrations with Procore. Continuous development delivers additional enhancements with each new release of the software, and users that begin the journey to implementation now will see their technology continue to significantly improve year after year.

Learn More About the Acumatica & Procore Integration

Discover how to start the path to your Acumatica migration today to take advantage of the integration with Procore and unlock the silos within your construction firm. As the consecutive Acumatica Partner of the Year two years straight, SWK Technologies can show you to get the most out of your project management software stack and maximize your ROI on your contract lifecycles.

Download more information on Acumatica and Procore by filling out the form and reach out to SWK today to see this construction software integration in action.

Acumatica and Procore Integration for Construction Cover Sheet


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