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Double Blockchain Data Archival

The Age of Double Blockchain in Cybersecurity

A brave new Internet is here. There is an undeniable buzz around cryptocurrency, the metaverse, NFTs (nonfungible tokens), distributed computing, and a myriad of Web3 tools intent on cutting out the middleman, democratizing the Internet, and better securing data. Enter blockchain, a central component to both the digital revolution and the little-known future of cybersecurity. Resilience, powered by Sollensystm, is a data archival solution that leverages such a distributed ledger to recover your critical files with 99.999999% efficiency and on-demand, preventing attacks such as ransomware from compromising backups and recovery.

Blockchain technology is much, much more than bitcoin, dogecoin or any of the other “coins” from the long list of cryptocurrencies, and adds a layer of security with more stability than traditional backup and business continuity solutions. SWK’s data archiving server takes the fundamental core application of this solution, placing files ranging from documents to video within blocks, and executes the same process with the access key to reinforce protection of your critical information.

Blockchain is an organization’s network security dream, where data is dismantled (shredded), encrypted, and spread across thousands of nodes — making them impervious to single points of attacks — then reassembled using encrypted keys to provide the user with data that retains 100% of its original quality, that is, the data is immutable. All this without the need for a third-party remediation or intervention. This cybersecurity efficiency makes blockchain data archival solutions the future standard for cybersecurity, storage, and business continuity, especially in highly regulated industries such as healthcare or finance.

Built on distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain provides an immutable way to back up and secure data not only for digital currencies but also for contracts, research data, insurance documents, healthcare documents, and other files that merits and requires the highest level of privacy and accuracy to ensure it remains unchallenged under any circumstance. Each block where the data is stored is spread – i.e., ‘distributed’ – across the chain of network nodes, which cannot be exposed without taking control of the majority of this peer-to-peer network, where attacking more than one node can be prohibitively expensive.

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Blockchain is here, and its value is undeniable.

Did you see the QR code floating around your television screen during one of the Super Bowl commercials? Had you scanned it with your cell phone, you would have been taken to a promotional website for Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency built on blockchain. In another Super Bowl commercial titled, “The Next Big Thing is Here, Even if Larry Can’t See it,” Larry David – in his over-the-top satirical manner – travels through time and mocks the greatest innovations in history such as the wheel, the lightbulb, and sending a man to the Moon. He ends by nixing FTX, an exchange for cryptocurrency which is built on blockchain. Too funny.

Fight Cyber Crime with Blockchain Data Archival

The growth of blockchain technology goes hand-in-hand with the increase of online crime. Hacking, phishing, ransomware and all sorts of cyber misdeeds have become a daily occurrence, and while major media focuses on the intrusion and damage done to large brands, in truth, hackers attack wherever there is an opportunity regardless of the size of the victim. They spend their time hunting down weaknesses, vulnerabilities and exploits in the systems you rely on (Microsoft, Java, Oracle, Sage, etc.), and pounce on any victim found. No matter your level of cybersecurity, there are variables you cannot control, including the biggest threat – employee mistakes that lead to open the doors to hackers.

Cybersecurity solutions abound – endpoint protections, multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, and even proactive SOC (security operations center) monitoring and Compliance delivered as a service – giving you flexibility in how you solve pain points. But as cybersecurity becomes more sophisticated, so do the criminals, who range from local amateurs out to make a name for themselves to highly organized nation-state actors that are on a mission. And the mission of state-sponsored interlopers is often not about the actual ransom, but to disrupt, create chaos, damage national sentiment, and to erode market and economic confidence en masse!

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Attacks against back-up systems themselves are escalating. This means that while the traditional technologies that store and allow access to retrieve data are fine for day-to-day operations, during a serious attack they may not be sufficient to secure your data or provide the retrieval of immutable files after a serious cyber assault.

While all measures should be taken to cybersecure data, applications, and transactions, it is just as vital to ensure rapid data retrieval and operational resiliency in case of an attack. Conversely, contingency planning is not new, but the level of recovery speed is critical to business continuity, and the quality of the files retrieved after an attack – especially ransomware – has become the focus of government regulations. Data recovered must be proven to be uncorrupted and legitimately capable of serving its intended business purpose on behalf of the consumer. Healthcare, financial, insurance, and legal services are industries where the quality of the data is central to the services rendered and protection of citizens’ information is increasingly a regulatory matter.

Hackers do not care about data legitimacy. Giving their victims access to seized data as a promise of receiving ransom does not guarantee the retrieved data is the same as the data they initially hijacked. More often than not, data remains unusable anyway, and many attackers will steal what they can to use or sell later.

There is no honor among cyber thieves.

Double Blockchain – Cybersecurity x2

Introducing the next level of cybersecurity, brought to you by SWK Technologies – double blockchain. When your data is distributed among nodes in a peer-to-peer network, in lieu of a centralized computer, and encrypted, the ability of the hacker to corrupt the data is near-impossible. Add another layer, where the “key” to access the data is also distributed. Now you have a double blockchain technology that backs up your data and ensures that the data you retrieve in case of an attack is immutable. IMMUTABLE. Ensuring that, in case of an intrusion, you can retrieve your data quickly and that the quality of that data is unquestionably, 100% valid.

The value is blockchain technology for cybersecurity is immense. The value of a double blockchain is immeasurable.

Ready for the great news? Our double blockchain technology data archival solution is available to small, mid-sized and small enterprise businesses, and it’s more affordable than you might imagine.

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True Resilience & Ransomware Recovery

It gets better. True resilience is more than just about an immutable data retrieval solution. It’s about a state of mind — and peace of mind – in knowing that in the ultimate worse-case scenario, you will not be denied regaining full control of your business, you and your organization will be back up and running with absolute confidence that your data is 100% intact. You will have peace of mind knowing that your customers will continue to be served with the high value and level of satisfaction they have come to expect from you. You will have peace of mind knowing that you remain compliant with government regulations and will be able to answer regulators with the utmost confidence.

“99.999999% Guaranteed to preserve and deliver a 100% immutable copy of your critical data on-demand.”

Your First Step Toward True Resiliency

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