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Sage X3 Tip: Using Form Mode/Popup View for Info at a Glance

By October 8, 2014August 29th, 2019No Comments

Sometimes, your screen is just too small for your needs. You want to see more information for each line in your Sage X3 system… but your fingers keep getting tired from hitting the Tab button all the time. Guess what: You don’t have to keep hitting Tab to see all the columns for a particular line! Remember, your Sage X3 system has both table and form mode viewing, this week’s tip shows how you can make your entries easier to see when you use Form Mode.

To view Sage X3 in Form Mode

For Sage X3 V6: When you are viewing data in a grid (table) mode, you can left-click, then right-click on one of the lines you’re looking at. Select Form Mode as highlighted in the screenshot above.

For Sage X3 V7: When you are viewing data in a grid (table) mode, you can select the icon by the line number, and a dropdown box will display. Select Popup View as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Both versions will open a pop-up window, which provides you with an easier way to view all the fields. Notice the arrows towards the top of the box below. These arrows will allow you to navigate to the next or previous lines of the record you were on when you selected Form Mode/Popup View.

Don’t see a field in Form Mode that you see in the grid?

Check your transaction entry and make sure the field you want is set to “Form” or “Form and Table”. See the screenshot below for an example of the Standard Entry Transaction for Sales Order Entry. Notice the fields below have a drop-down menu for you to select how you view the various fields. Remember to always save your changes if you modify these fields!

Make your job easier when your columns are easier to see

Remember, Sage X3 is all about simplifying your work life so that you can get more done in less time. If you’re tired of tabbing through all your columns to find the information you need in your system, consider switching your screen to Form Mode/Popup View using the instructions in this post. Of course, whenever you need a helping hand you can just contact SWK’s Help Desk.

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