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Sage ERP X3 Tip: Stop Looking at the Past

By September 15, 2014No Comments

By Lori Royster, Director of Sage ERP X3 Support, SWK Tech

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Tired of seeing your screens load with the last transactions viewed? When you open a new screen in Sage ERP X3, it can be frustrating to have to then manually clear the past out of your screen—and it can be a waste of your time, too.

Good news: This option is parameter driven.

GREAT news: You can easily turn it off.

Today’s tip talks about how you can change the information that everyone’s transaction screen loads with, or how you can change the views just for specific users.

How do I get rid of those past transactions for everyone?

To clear up everyone’s screens, follow the highlighted path in the screenshot above.


  1. Change the CHDERLUS value to “NO” for a global setting.
  2. Don’t forget to tab out of the field and select “OK”.
  3. Then “SAVE”!

How do I turn this feature off just for individual users?

If you don’t want everyone in your company to view fresh transaction screens, follow the steps below. Refer to the screenshot below for more information.


  1. Follow the highlighted path in the screenshot below.
  2. Select the user from the list on the left. This is the user for whom you wish to clear the transaction screen.
  3. Select “SUPERVISOR” in the Chapter column, and then select “SEL” in the Group column by left-clicking on that line.
  4. Right-click on that same line to get a pop-up box. From the pop-up, choose “Detail”.
  5. Once the Detail opens up another screen, you will see the CHDERLUS on Line 1. Your screen will now look like the screenshot above.
  6. Change the value to “NO”.
  7. Tab out of the field and select “OK,” and then “SAVE”.

SWK - Blog  - Sage ERP X3 Tip, Stop Looking at the Past 2 (Lori Royster) SWK Tech

In Conclusion

You can save a lot of time and effort when you configure your Sage ERP X3 system to fit your needs. Want more configuration tips or need help with your ERP? Contact the Sage ERP X3 experts by clicking the button below.


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