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How Co-Managed IT Can Help Your Business

By February 28, 2023March 14th, 2023No Comments

Co-Managed IT

A New Approach to Securing the IT Support You Need Without the Cost and Difficulty of Hiring a Large In-house IT Department

As a CEO, you are faced with tough investment decisions to run your company smoothly and efficiently. Some of these investments can be obvious, like bolstering your marketing department or focusing on sales research. However, in the modern world CEOs must also deal with a new category of investments that refuse to behave typically and might not result in an easily measured ROI. Your IT department is a prime example.

Optimistically, investing in your IT department should never result in a tangible ROI. The department’s ability to prevent a cyber-attack could be the difference between going out of business and having just another workday. Especially in today’s world where a vast number of organizations have decided to remain remote or switch to a hybrid work schedule, you cannot afford to lag behind in IT.

Cybersecurity Might be One of Your Biggest Dangers

As cyber criminals and hackers’ tactics evolve, can you comfortably rely on your IT team to thrive in the environment while using outdated tools? Is your IT department ready to deal with data backup and recovery, cybersecurity protections, secure cloud computing, complex data management, and more? The reality is that no one person can do it all. It takes a small army to run an IT department and failing to invest in modern software and strategies could be setting them up for failure.

A single cybersecurity incident can lead to data loss, extended downtime, and potential liability with a cybersecurity breach or compliance violation. As most of this work is preventative in nature, it becomes apparent that important, but not urgent, work often gets neglected.

As mentioned before, the world of cybercrime is ever evolving, and your IT team needs to be ready to take on any new threats that come their way. In order to keep up with the criminals, your company needs specialized knowledge and expertise that can provide constant monitoring and attention. More often than not, companies that were fined or sued for a data breach knowingly refused or failed to invest in the proper IT protections, support, protocols, and expertise necessary to prevent the attack. In today’s world, it’s not a matter of if your company will be a target of cybercrime, but when.

How Co-Managed IT can Help

Companies focusing on growth and development face the dilemma of needing professional-grade IT support without the resources to invest in all the tools, software, and staff required. This is why as an IT solutions provider we can help augment your staff to provide an effective co-managed IT service.

Co-Managed IT is a way for CEOs to acquire specialized expertise and IT management without the cost and difficulty of finding, managing, and retaining a large IT staff or investing in expensive software. To be clear, this solution is not about taking over your IT leader’s job or replacing the department but providing them with the tools they need to effectively protect your business. Co-Managed IT is a flexible, evolving partnership – not just a one-off project-based relationship. We don’t just monitor your data either, but also actively work to solve problems as they arrive in real-time. Essentially, we are not here to replace your IT staff, we are here to make them better.

Co-Managed IT

Don’t just take it from us, hear what other executives have to say about SWK’s Co-Managed IT solution.

“We were in a very difficult situation and your company stepped in and provided us with exceptional service to keep our company operating. The Network Assurance program has actually been a cost savings compared to our past experiences; no hidden costs. We have such peace of mind knowing you’re always behind the scenes should an unforeseen incident arise.” – Nancy Miller, Miller & Sons Builders, Inc.

Discover More About Co-Managed IT

If you are like most of the CEOs we work with to deliver Co-Managed IT, your IT person or department is significantly understaffed, overwhelmed, and simply not able to keep up with the growing demands your company is putting on them. Co-Managed IT is not a replacement for your team, but a solution to empower them in dealing with a complex technological landscape. To learn more about the signs of a struggling IT department, scenarios where Co-Managed IT makes sense, and most importantly if Co-Managed IT is right for you, download our white paper today.


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