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Correct Your ERP Implementation – SWK Project Recovery Plan

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Regain the Lost Momentum on Your ERP Project

ERP implementation projects do not always go as first planned. The SWK team are industry experts, and experts in implementation project recovery services. Our team will identify the root causes for the derailment of the project and move into deliberate and concrete solutions.

SWK Technologies has a proven 4-Step Methodology that works with your team to get the project back on-track and ensure a successful ERP implementation:

1. Analysis

The project recovery process begins by reviewing the initial project and related documents. Then the team will meet with the principal stakeholders to identify the obstacles to project progress.

2. Evaluation

SWK will participate in an independent evaluation and audit of the project’s current status. We review all processes and technology. The context of the meetings will be to review your goals and expectations. In the Evaluation Phase, the SWK team will produce an audit and analysis document that outlines the current state of the project and our recommendations.

3. Alignment

It is important to determine the processes, alignment of expectations, the preparation of internal teams, business processes and whether there will be full engagement. Once there is alignment internally, the base for a successful implementation is in place and the renewed execution can begin.

4. Execution

The fourth step in the final execution is the delivery of a new Project Plan. The Plan will be delivered and agreed upon by all stakeholders in the implementation. There will be a phased approach in the new implementation plan, that will depend on the scope of the project. Our Project Recovery Team will make recommendations on potential changes to participants and a process to avoid similar challenges that led to the initial delays.

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Do ERP Implementation the Right Way with SWK Technologies

SWK will deliver recommendations for your installation based on our many years of white glove services and industry best-practice knowledge. Ensure your software implementation begins providing value to your business by working with the ERP experts with firsthand knowledge of your pain points.

Watch this video of a successful implementation of Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) by SWK Technologies for Avlon Industries.

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