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SWK’s Managed Security Program Includes Pen Testing & Assessment

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The 360 Cyber Guard managed security program from SWK Technologies includes penetration testing (“pen testing”) and vulnerability assessment among its other many services provided. This consolidated cybersecurity solution gives you access to a comprehensive cyber defense package, from a thorough assessment of both external and internal vulnerabilities to modern training modules that come with analytics on user testing performance.

What is the 360 Cyber Guard Managed Security Program?

SWK offers a variety of managed security services that fulfill a range of proactive and reactive data protection needs. 360 Cyber Guard coalesces several of these into a consolidated package that comes equipped with additional monitoring tools, policy guidance and other value-adds. The 360 Cyber Guard program includes access to:

  • Network Assessment
    • Penetration Testing 
    • Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Security Awareness Training
    • Online security awareness training and testing to all employees
    • Security awareness micro-training updates on a weekly basis
    • Monthly security awareness newsletters
    • Scheduled Phishing campaigns to your employee base
    • Access to the Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) dashboard
  • Dark Web Monitoring 
  • Compliance Assessment

SWK Technologies Managed Network Security Assessment

Many of the managed security services outlined above are each individually required for various data privacy and cybersecurity regulations, or will be based on emerging policy guidance. However, the vast of intersection of rules and agencies enforcing compliance across many industries rarely grants the level of visibility into what your business actually needs to complete to avoid nonconformance penalties. SWK’s network security assessment – a component of 360 Cyber Guard – is built on NIST’s Cyber Security Framework (CSF) methodology and enables you to better meet the following regulatory standards:

  • GDPR
  • NIST SP 800-171
  • CMMC 2.0

Penetration Testing

SWK’s penetration testing services contribute to the comprehensive network security assessment and evaluate the strength of your existing defenses against two types of threats: external and internal. The purpose of this is to fully gauge how vulnerable your system is after determining how far an intrusion from either end would be able to penetrate.

External Threat Testing

Pen testing is conducted against pre-selected IP addresses in your network. Also leveraging Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods, the SWK team will collect information that would be readily available to hackers from through external sources. These include details on bugs and exploits that could be present within your technology stack, in hardware, software or middleware.

Internal Threat Testing

The internal assessment replicates many of the same steps as the external process, with the main differences in the type of risks being measured as well as the environment used. Internal pen testing is controlled to ensure that data is not exposed inadvertently, and gauges the level of penetration against threats that would be exploited from the inside of your network.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is a broader procedure that utilizes automated testing and scanning to uncover security gaps in a network that could be exploited externally. This includes a wide range of threats, from relatively benign accidental exposures from a multitude of factors to critical application vulnerabilities. The vulnerability software scan will identify these present on your network surface, while the follow-up analysis will quantify the risk and provided recommendations for resolution.


Employee Security Awareness Training

The 360 Cyber Guard cybersecurity training program for employees is based around three key pillars:

  1. Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) & critical business data
  2. User behavior trends & real-world cyber attack scenarios
  3. Quantifying cyber risk & reinforcing gaps

All parts of this program serve to address or fulfill these points by providing you with methods to evaluate employee cybersecurity practices down to the user level, deliver resources that enable employees to protect themselves and your data, measure the impact of training and determine where education needs to be improved.

Baseline Testing

The training module begins with a Security Baseline Phishing test that uses a convincing simulation of a spoofed message to try to trick employees into responding. Those who do end up clicking a link will have this factored into their initial Employee Secure Score (ESS).

Simulated Phishing

After the Baseline test, additional simulated phishing attacks will be sent periodically to employees, using techniques and strategies compiled from real-world breach examples. Users who fall for the spoofed email and click on a potentially malicious link will be taken to an SWK page explaining what occurred and redirected to additional training. Those users who recognize the red flags can utilize the Catch Phish integration in their email application to analyze the email and discover if it is a simulation – which conditions them to repeat this action when the real thing appears.


Periodic micro-trainings are delivered to employees to keep users updated on the latest security risks, as well as assess their progress through their ESS rating and continue to reinforce lessons.

Cybersecurity News & Education

360 Cyber Guard includes a monthly newsletter that features topics that raise security awareness and complement the cybersecurity training program for your employees. The content is specifically disseminated into non-technical language to ensure your staff outside of your IT department (or whoever fills that role) are able to understand the communication without needing a translation.

User Security Analytics

The Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) records your employees’ security score and tracks their improvements (or declines) as they respond to phishing simulations and training sessions. These analytics empower your business to better understand the state of your cyber defenses at the user level as well as find weak links quickly.

Dark Web Scanning

The Dark Web Breach Assessment (DWBA) offers a scan of known cybercriminal forums and other domains in the Deep Web to uncover signs that data from your business may have been leaked. This includes credentials, IP addresses and more that could be traded on the open cyber crime market and used in a future (or ongoing) attack against your systems. Scanning the Dark Web allows you to discover the likelihood of such a threat and determine the risk it brings.

Learn More About 360 Cyber Guard & SWK’s Managed Security Services

Engaging managed security services grants you peace of mind that your systems and data are better protected in the background, as well as that these protections are in compliance with the latest regulations. See the results of 360 Cyber Guard by signing up for a Dark Web Breach Assessment below, and discover how vulnerable your business is before it’s too late.

Sign up for a FREE dark web scan here and see if your business is already at risk of an attack as well as compliance penalties.

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