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Is It Worth $1 Per Year To Stop Losing Your Kegs?

By July 29, 2013No Comments

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Loss or theft of kegs is a big problem that boils down to logistics (they’re easy targets because they can be lost or stolen at many points in the supply chain) and economics (their secondary market value is higher than the deposit you collect, but lower than your cost). Megabreweries can afford accountants, RFID technology and other expensive ways to solve this problem. But microbreweries need a solution that’s more economical.

Enter the new KegMaster? add-on module for BeerRun software. It provides a cost-effective way to monitor which kegs are on site, which ones are off site, with whom and for how long.


  • List all kegs and view their status: green (on site), amber (off site/with distributor) or red (past due)
  • Add keg number to Bill of Lading
  • See which distributor has which keg, and for how long; drill down to the Bill of  Lading
  • Receive kegs, produce keg return receipt and sync credit memo to QuickBooks
  • Auto-generate reminder emails to distributors listing all kegs and # of days
  • Run reports by keg and by distributor

Just as good Accounts Receivable tracking ensures that you get paid quickly, KegMaster? helps ensure that your kegs are returned promptly — not lost or stolen. Reduce your losses and increase the number of turns of each keg, so you can grow your territory without having to buy more.

We’re offering special introductory pricing to the first 10 new BeerRun clients who sign up for our KegMaster? module: $1/year/keg.

Charged monthly, that’s 8.33¢ per keg! Think of it as insurance for a lot of valuable inventory that doesn’t always find its way back on time, if at all. Worse yet, many of your kegs may be finding their way to other breweries.

Crunch your numbers and contact us if you would like to discuss. Because you have better things to do than fight the keg monster — and finance your competition!

For more information:

Steve Plisk
Client Services
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