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The ADP Workforce Now Integration for Sage Intacct

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See the full visual overview of the ADP integration for Sage Intacct by clicking here.


The ADP Workforce Now integration for Sage Intacct allows you to connect your modern accounting software with a state-of-the-art, cloud-based HR and payroll system that will streamline your human capital management (HCM) operations. This middleware solution takes away the pain of having to bounce between each application, and manually enter financial and employee data to keep multiple databases current. As both an ADP and Sage partner, SWK Technologies will help you consolidate your reporting and enable you to capture a single source of truth through your streamlined technology stack.

Here are the top factors you need to know about the ADP Workforce Now Integration for Sage Intacct:

How the ADP Workforce Now Integration for Sage Intacct Works

ADP and Intacct are not only the top names in human resource management and financial management software, respectively, but they both are also born in the cloud. This means that they come equipped with a native SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture that is easier to build off of and modify for additional functionality. This includes powerful and flexible APIs (application programming interfaces) that let you bridge the gap between separate databases and workflows, allowing information to synchronize seamlessly between apps.

Leveraging a Middleware File Transfer in ADP, the Workforce Now connector for Sage Intacct passes General Ledger, timesheet and various employee data points between your HR and payroll software and your accounting system, including:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee Title
  • Pay Rate
  • Department
  • Original Hire Date
  • Termination Date & Type
  • Home & Mobile Phone Numbers
  • Work Email
  • Office Location
  • Manager/Reports to

Data Pushed from ADP Workforce Now to Sage Intacct

This section covers that data fields that are pushed from within ADP Workforce Now into Intacct using the ADP Integration Services feature:


Using Workforce Now as your HR System of Record, you can assign an ID number to each employee and automatically update their information in your Sage Intacct Employee and Contact Records from ADP. This includes any changes made to their personal and work-related data fields made in the latter, as well as when you create a New Hire profile from scratch. With the push of a button, all of this information can be updated in real-time and reflected in both systems simultaneously.

General Ledger

The ADP General Ledger Interface (G/L Interface, or GLI) allows you to create journal entries directly in Workforce Now, while the integration with Intacct allows you to seamlessly transfer this data to your accounting software’s GL journals. Even user-defined fields (UDF) will be formatted and transmitted to Sage Intacct, and you will receive an email notification once the sync has been completed successfully.

Outbound Time

Employee Hours from individual Timecards in ADP Time & Attendance can be pushed to Intacct along with any related Project and Tasks variables. Any combination Regular, Overtime and Doubletime hours can be transferred over without having to manually reenter any data – users simply have to select a Pay Period and designate which dates to use in Sage Intacct.

Data Pushed from Sage Intacct to ADP Workforce Now

This section will cover the data that is pulled from Sage Intacct into ADP Workforce Now the ADP Integration Services feature::

Inbound Time

Approved timesheets can be pulled from Sage Intacct and pushed into Workforce Now, automatically overwriting and updating the Timecard data in your ADP instance for a given Employee ID. Any project created in your accounting software will make the related timesheet entries available for the integration Pull feature, letting you quickly update the ID-associated Timecard without creating duplicates.


The ADP connector can transfer any number of dimension values from your timesheets in Intacct, even customized UDF. Dimensions are updated automatically without needing additional human input, but can also be manually pushed into Workforce Now at user discretion.

Bidirectional Data Integration for Expense Reimbursements

Expense Reimbursements feature a 360-degree workflow that passes data bidirectionally between Sage Intacct and ADP Workforce Now. With Intacct acting as the system of record for all staff expenses, Approved reports can be pulled into ADP and pushed back as GL data, automatically recording and marking the report as paid in your Sage accounting software.

Why You Should Integrate Your ERP & HR/Payroll Software with SWK

The ADP Partner Advantage Program allows value-added resellers (VARs) like SWK Technologies to deliver exclusive resources via ADP to your implementation project, including additional development and support tools. New users will additionally receive complimentary access to the Workforce Now connector for Sage Intacct (or another ERP).

Connecting your accounting system with your HR and payroll software empowers you to unify your financials and produce a streamlined workflow that consolidates your data into a single source of truth. Removing the number of manual touchpoints your human resource department needs to run through to process items like timesheets and payments not only optimizes time and productivity, but will also reduce costs. Uniting these activities in a condensed system will remove the need for multiple applications for individual tasks, eliminating the financial burden of managing several solutions as well as the strain of needing to revert to Excel spreadsheets.

Building a Technology Stack with Intacct Integrations

The Sage Intacct platform provides a powerful yet flexible foundation from which to build your technology stack, centering your application ecosystem on your financial management system (FMS), with an IT infrastructure built for cloud (or hybrid) deployment. The long list of available integrations grants you the advantages of being able to select the combination of solutions that works best for you as well as having multiple best of breed options to choose from. You will not have to give up performance for convenience (or cost) when it comes to connecting your accounting software with your HR and payroll, CRM, accounts payable/receivable, WMS, etc.

Lean More About the ADP ERP Connector for Sage Intacct & More

Deploying the ADP Workforce Now integration for Sage Intacct empowers you to take more control of your technology, capture better visibility and accuracy, and optimize your ROI on your human resource and payroll management. See for yourself what the ADP ERP connector can do, and reach out to SWK when you want to learn more.

Download the overview of the ADP integration for Intacct here to get a full visualization of this connected workflow’s value return, and contact SWK Technologies to see it in action.

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