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5 Ways to Improve Your Time and Attendance System

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5 ways to improve your time and attendance system with HR software

The key to improving your existing time and attendance system is to ensure employee timesheet data can be captured and processed seamlessly. A modern human capital management (HCM) platform allows personnel, managers, and your HR and payroll teams to consolidate this information and streamline how work hours are recorded and managed.

State-of-the-art HCM technology delivers enhanced time and attendance features, including timekeeping and payroll processing automation. This modern human resource management functionality saves your business time, money and energy from correcting for human error and fraud in your employee timesheet recording procedures.

Here are five ways to improve your current time and attendance system:

  1. Reduce Human Error

Human error will often be the single greatest roadblock to accurately measuring your time and attendance. Mistakes can and will be made during time recording, and there may even be some who attempt to game the system once loopholes are noticed.

Though not necessarily fraud, some employees fill in timesheets at the end of their work period – days or even weeks since they worked those hours. Would you accurately remember how long you took lunch two weeks ago? Probably not.

Implementing a digital time and attendance system will allow your employees to capture their time input accurately – and impartially. Automated timekeeping software mitigates the chances of human error compromising attendance data, for any reason.

  1. Unify Your Timesheet Data

Employee time recording and management are always at the mercy of your data input processes and tools. Physical methods, like manual entry through machine-stamped timecards, add an extra layer of information capture that can cause data drift and occasionally be exploited by less scrupulous actors.

Even a digital application will still hold you back if it relies on legacy software, as the lack of available integration with the rest of your operations will still form data siloes. Disconnected business units mean that your human resource and accounting teams, along with ever other department, will never get a clear picture of time and attendance for every employee.

A modern timekeeping solution, on the other hand, will allow you to consolidate all touchpoints and data entries within a single system. A centralized platform makes reviewing and reconciling these time entries much easier, eliminating the need to manually check and compare multiple sources for payroll executions.

  1. Simplify Time Capture Processes

Complicated work hour recording processes and inputs can often be the biggest drivers of human error and fraud-related inaccuracies. If employees have trouble understanding your time and attendance system, their entries will not comply with standards; if managers are confused, then there will be a chance that confusion can lead to system abuse.

Simplifying timesheet entry for your employees makes it easier to collect this data and ensures that payroll is processed smoothly (and accurately). Decreasing the number of hoops your personnel and managers must jump through to record and track hours worked mitigates the opportunity for mistakes – or fraud – to appear.

Modern HCM solutions include added features for employees to manage their time and attendance recording, including self-service portals and interface customization. While still employing manager controls and security, these individualization options allow your personnel greater flexibility in being able to enter their attendance entries and follow your established processes more easily.

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  1. Automate Attendance Capture Tasks

Process automation through software delivers even more benefits besides simplifying the user interface – it also shaves down time spent on manual processes. Consolidating scheduling on individual time and attendance activities can also translate to money saved from waste reduction and refocusing energy towards actual value-generating operations.

Manual timekeeping entry and management procedures cut into your employee’s working hours, and timesheet data reconciliation is an even worse drain for your managers and accountants. Automating these processes through a centralized digital platform eliminates both the superfluous tasks and the number of touchpoints that users must go through to enter and submit information.

Automated time and attendance systems also give you access to digitized security controls, which better help prevent potential timesheet fraud scenarios. Whereas traditional methodologies require timekeeping management and review to be handled by hand and sight, modern solutions produce an electronic audit trail that ensures the truth is always available.

  1. Migrate to HCM Technology in the Cloud

Digitization of human capital management removes reliance on static resources – i.e., analog devices and systems, including rigid hardware set-ups and paper-based practices. Cloud connectivity enables you to host individual applications remotely, onsite or through a hybrid framework, letting you deploy your HCM technology as you need.

Without being confined to solely on-premise implementations, your time and attendance software is much easier to scale in response to growth and personnel shifts. Adding new users and data fields is as simple as clicking a few buttons and expanding your settings to accommodate the new accounts.

Improve Your Time and Attendance System with SWK Technologies

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