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3 Benefits of Cloud HR and Payroll Software

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The digital transformation of human resource management is seeing HR and payroll technology migrating increasingly to cloud-based models. SaaS and hybrid cloud platforms deliver several advantages over traditional solutions that force users to still rely on manual processes and spreadsheet entry. Digitization and cloud computing are creating whole new avenues for managing personnel data, and enabling employees to connect with the right touchpoints from recruitment to retirement.

However, you may feel stuck with your legacy system after investing so much time and money into developing a solution that works for you. Unfortunately, you are losing more value by remaining with outdated HR software instead of migrating to a more modern solution. Adopting a state-of-the-art cloud system will allow you to get the most out of your human resource management.

Here are three key benefits of migrating to a cloud software solution for your HR and payroll processes:

  1. HR Technology in the Cloud

Modern cloud software provides many technological benefits over legacy systems, including mobile and browser-based access, consistent security upgrades and more. Most importantly, SaaS moves all of your human capital management (HCM) processes into a digital platform. This allows you to remove pen and paper completely from your tracking and recording activities, building an entirely electronic audit trail that limits inaccuracies caused by human error.

Mobility and real-time connectivity deliver additional advantages for users, especially for businesses using distributed workforces with remote employees or field operations. Leveraging cloud technology for your HR solution permits you to build the channels your employees need to access the correct information and contact the right people when they need assistance. Whether by desktop, tablet or smartphone, managing your human resources in the cloud keeps you connected to your people at all times.

  1. Employee Self-Service and Payroll Automation

Employee experience is a critical component of HR, but as the millennial generation takes over the workforce, human capital management is becoming increasingly synonymous with user experience. Your employees are increasingly expecting the same level of interaction that modern, customer experience technology delivers. This means fast, seamless and flexible service and payroll options accessible on demand.

Human resource management is no longer a background function, but one that all internal resources actively engage and interact with. Modern cloud HCM software enables you to deploy and manage the digital touchpoints needed to give your employees a more integrated experience. Leveraging a SaaS platform also lets you automate data processing in the background so that payroll functions remain compliant with all regulations.

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  1. SaaS Scalability for Human Resource Management

A critical downside of relying on legacy HR software is being forced to work around static applications with finite scalability (and lifespan). As your business grows and requires more people to perform tasks, your HCM processes will have to expand as well to keep up. Traditional solutions cannot handle the pace of the modern workplace, with faster turnarounds and never-ending data streams.

In contrast, human resource management systems delivered as SaaS provides built-in flexibility to handle your company’s growth seamlessly. The malleability of cloud HCM systems allows you to manage data in real-time, without missing a beat, making adjustments as you go. Additionally, it is easier to integrate with other software – including your ERP – with a more customizable, automated solution, letting you capture the most value from your streamlined technology stack.

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