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Sage 100 Video – New Accounts Payable Features in 2020

By May 14, 2020May 29th, 2020No Comments

Your Sage 100 Accounts Payable module streamlines daily accounts payable activities for optimum efficiency. Beyond recording transactions and obligations to vendors and creditors, Accounts Payable offers you flexible cash disbursement and check writing capabilities and takes advantage of discounts offered for invoices paid by the discount due date. The informative financial reports, including payables aging and future cash requirements, giving you valuable business insights for more informed decision-making. Learn how to take full advantage of the new features in Sage 100 2020 Accounts Receivable with this helpful Sage 100cloud tutorial video by SWK SVP of STAT, Merilyn Van Zwieten:

Sage 100 – New AP Features in 2020 transcript:

Welcome to SWK’s video series on Sage 100. This video is going to show you some of the new options in Accounts Payable for version 2020.

We’re going to start out with a new feature in Accounts Payable options. Under the Additional tab, we now have “number of months to retain paid invoices.” This goes up to 9999 months, and you could also choose when those invoices will be purged. Is it at period end or at year-end. This is a
little different from prior versions where we had up to 999 days, and you were not able to choose when the invoices would be removed. So when you upgrade make sure you take a peek at that. Set that so what works well for your business.

The next thing we’re going to look at is Vendor Maintenance. There’s several nice changes in here that I think are worth looking at. The first thing that we have is when we’re looking at tabs 6, 7, 8, and 9, there’s a new icon that I think you’ll like. If I click on any line-item, it doesn’t matter what, you’ll see that there is a new Excel icon. If I click on this, we’re going to see that everything that’s within this panel is now exported to Excel, and quite nicely, I think. We see that same icon in transactions. Here’s the icon under checks and under purchase orders. So whatever is in the panel is what will be exported.

The next thing that we have, that I think is important, is that Sage 100 is now compliant with the new 1099 NEC, non-employee compensation. You can still, when you select your default, you could do the miscellaneous form, but check with either your accountant or go on to the IRS website to see the different uses now for the 1099 MISC versus the 1099 NEC. With this, I could still choose the box, and if I was using a standard 1099-MISC, I would be able to check this box, if that was needed. Otherwise running 1099s is going to be pretty much the same.

One other change that you should be aware of is if you are using Paperless Office to deliver copies of checks or remittance advice, if you were using ACH payments, there was a Paperless Office button here, and that has now been moved over to the “more” button, and here are your paperless delivery options.

There’s also a nice utility in Accounts Payable that allows you to reverse an entire check run. You could do it one of two ways. You can either choose a check based on the Bank Code, or you could choose it by the Source Journal. I’m going to look at Bank Code D, and I could choose any check that has been issued from Bank Code D, and it will return all of the checks that were done on that check run. If one of the checks had already been reversed. it will alert you that it will not be reversed a second time. If I click on “proceed,” it is going to go through the utility, and I need to change my date here real quick. And, let’s go ahead and print this. And, what’s going to happen, it’s going to put the invoices back on to the vendors account, so that you can repay them, because it is allowing you to reverse the entire check run, and you could just get a little hint over here of what the register looks like. And, it is putting the invoices back on to the vendor’s file.

There is one other thing that I think is useful inside of this new feature, and that is being able to remove the personally identifiable information on a vendor. I’m going over to my vendor Touche Waterhouse, and let’s say this vendor calls me up and says, “I want to have you remove all my personal identification,” meaning name and addresses and phone numbers. What I do is I simply come to the Vendor Status on the Additional tab. I click “inactive.” It’s warning me that I have open invoices or a current balance, but it’s still allowing me to move forward. If I had open purchase orders that would be different. It would then ask me to remove the purchase orders before it would allow me to make the vendor inactive. I’m going to say “yes.” And, you’ll see I have a new icon. And, if I click on this icon, it’s warning me that it’s going to encrypt the personal identifiable information. In doing so, I’m going to save the changes, and you’ll see that the name is no longer visible. And, when I come over to “Main,” the address is no longer here. There is one thing that’s important to note: because there was an open invoice, I could still pay that invoice. The vendor’s name and address will appear on the check, but that’s the only place that you’re going to see the vendor’s name and address. If I would run an Aging report, only the vendor number is going to show up. Same with all the other reports. Now let’s say that I need to do some more business with this vendor. I could simply come in here and activate the vendor. It’s giving me a warning. I’m going to say “yes.” And, you will see that the vendor’s name and the address information has now been restored.

Give these all a try when you upgrade to version 2020. I think you’ll find them useful. Thanks for watching our video.

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