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ERP for Your Distribution Company – The Best Implementation Tips

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If you run a busy distribution business, you do not have time to waste on the process of evaluating, selecting, and deploying an ERP for your distribution companyYou are far too busy fulfilling orders to spend even a moment on a task that does not have a direct payoff in terms of profits.

But yet, you know that if you keep relying on your old, outdated legacy ERP or spreadsheets, your profits will soon be negatively impacted because you will be unable to keep up the pace against your competitors.

Therefore, if you are ready to choose an ERP to drive your distribution business forward, you will need a systematic approach to help you focus your attention.

The IDG guide, Implementing ERP: A Systematic Approach for Your Business keeps your attention focused. Download your complimentary copy of the Implementing ERP guide here.

What Is in the Guide?

Implementing ERP: A Systematic Approach for Your Business explains the most important tasks and considerations for preparing for, selecting, and taking action with the right ERP for your distribution company.

In concise, yet detailed explanations, Implementing ERP helps you:

  • Scrutinize your operations (often the most challenging step of the process)
  • Get started properly by including the right stakeholders
  • Identify 6 key distribution-specific capabilities in modern ERP solutions
  • Discover what is likely the biggest reason behind your current pain points
  • Understand detailed pros and cons for cloud vs. on-premises ERP
  • Determine the most valuable element of an ERP for distributors
  • Learn what an ideal ERP solution should contain

In addition, Implementing ERP discusses:

  • 6 key built-in factors and functions that distributors should look for in ERP
  • The surprisingly important skill to have for a smooth ERP transition
  • Why distributors may want to consider phasing their ERP implementation
  • Key priorities for 300+ technology decision makers evaluating ERP

It Is Time to Choose the Right ERP for Your Distribution Company

As Russ Graf, VP at NETSTOCK (an inventory management and analytics solution for Sage 100cloud fka MAS 90) puts it:

“An ERP deployment is like doing heart surgery on the business.”

Using an aging ERP results in clogged business processes that can leave your distribution company gasping to keep pace with fitter competitors in today’s stressful business landscape. In many cases, a digital transplant can be the cure.

Staying ahead requires that you choose the right ERP for your distribution company.

Implementing ERP: A Systematic Approach for Your Business can help you zero in on the most important tasks you need to do, in order, so you can set the stage for a successful, highly effective ERP implementation process for your distribution company.

Download your complimentary copy of the Implementing ERP guide here.


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