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Know the steps to follow, and when, to set the stage for a successful ERP implementation.

Using an aging ERP results in clogged business processes that can leave your distribution company gasping to keep pace with fitter competitors in today’s stressful business landscape. In many cases, a digital transplant can be the cure.

In fact, as one inventory management and analytics expert puts it: “An ERP deployment is like doing heart surgery on the business.”  

Download Implementing ERP: A Systematic Approach for Your Business and learn how you can zero in on the most important tasks you need to do, and in what order, so you can set the stage for a successful ERP implementation process for your distribution company.

In Implementing ERP: A Systematic Approach for Your Business, you will discover:

6 key built-in factors and functions that distributors should look for in ERP

The #1 reason behind most business pain points

A surprisingly important skill to have for a smooth ERP transition

Detailed pros and cons for cloud vs. on-premises ERP solutions

Key priorities for 300+ technology decision makers evaluating ERP

Implementing ERP also contains expert insights from technology consultants within the distribution industry, giving you the inside view on how you can most efficiently structure your ERP evaluation, selection, and deployment process.

Get the facts you need, right now. Download Implementing ERP: A Systematic Approach for Your Business.

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