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3 Reasons to Choose Cloud ERP for Field Service

By November 13, 2019February 10th, 2020No Comments

here are 3 benefits of cloud ERP for field services

Cloud ERP is a natural fit for field service operations – software delivered as a service (SaaS) or even through a hybrid infrastructure provides field technicians full access to technology and data with the click of a button. It enables managers in the back office to review the status of personnel and equipment onsite in real-time, and feed information to engineers and customers as needed.

Leveraging a cloud software solution such as Acumatica for field service allows you to optimize both customer-facing amenities and your internal operations. Without the limitation of physical hardware and maintenance the comes with traditional software deployments, your field services are easier to streamline for better customer experience. Additionally, modern cloud technology delivers features not accessible through legacy ERP, enabling you to pass this added value back onto your customer service.

Here are three benefits from choosing a cloud ERP solution like Acumatica for your field service operations:

  1. Tracking & Visibility on the Go

Cloud ERP provides the means to connect your disparate touchpoints with back office analytics that allow you to see the big picture on your field operations.

Cloud technology enables your technicians to leverage the tools right in their pocket through their smartphones, as well tablets, laptops and any other mobile device. As modern cloud software is accessible through a browser, easy-to-install mobile applications are available anywhere, with many of the same features as your desktop ERP system. Your field engineers can connect directly to your hosted database, delivering location, equipment and project data from any point and time.

  1. Scale Without Additional Cost

Cloud ERP also provides users with increased operational flexibility compared to traditional on-premise deployments. Removing the limits of physical legacy systems delivers greater room to scale at your discretion, without additional costs or manual labor from siloed servers.

SaaS solutions also allow for greater process automation, as real-time connectivity lets in-house and publisher developers work on your system in the background. Upgrades are delivered automatically without additional effort on the user’s part, and custom development can be performed without imposing system downtime on your personnel in the field. This ensures that your technology will not disrupt your field processes and compromise any active contracts.

Leveraging a cloud software solution such as Acumatica for field service allows you to optimize both customer-facing amenities and your internal operations.


  1. Drive More Revenue

The most important factor for any field service operation is the ROI it delivers. Field practices have historically been seen more as a necessary cost rather than as a revenue generator, but as this approach shifts in the service age, your business will need to discover where and how you can position your customer experience for profit. This is where the end result of cloud ERP’s technology and agility comes into play, as executing on these data-driven decisions with a flexible solution allows you to quickly and effectively pass this value onto your customer service component.

Speed has been a constant theme here, and it is becoming an increasingly vital requirement for service economies. Consumers are demanding a greater level of convenience when it comes to services, and response times will continue to play a greater and greater role in staying competitive. Arming your field technicians and managers with the latest technology in the cloud enables them to performer faster, without being hampered by legacy tools and system disruptions.

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These are only a few of the advantage cloud ERP provides for Field Service Management – modern SaaS delivers the technology your field operations need to manage inventory, projects and costs in real-time. When considering an FSM system, ensure that it features the functionality you require to allow your service to stand out to customers, including mobile apps, scheduling and inventory tracking, and consolidated billing.

Download our free FSM technology checklist to learn more about the top, state-of-the art features to look for in a modern field service system.

Download the Field Service Checklist Here

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