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Accelerate Your Productivity by Taking Advantage of Microsoft 365 Collaboration [On-Demand Webinar]

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Microsoft 365 Collaboration

Curious Whether the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Suite Can Help You? Find Out!


It is highly likely that you have attended a Microsoft Teams meeting by this point in the pandemic. You have seen Teams’ capabilities for in-meeting chat, screenshare, and video or voice calling – but you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Teams is backed by an entire suite of Microsoft 365 collaboration tools.

This in-depth webinar helps you understand the various aspects of Microsoft’s advanced collaboration suite, so you can assess whether these tools would help your business. Watch the webinar now.

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In this webinar, SWK’s Senior Solutions Architect for the MCS division, Eric Ruppert, walks you through each of the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools. He discusses Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Voice. By the end of the webinar, you will know what each of these tools do and how they all work together.

Looking for specific information? Use this summary to skip forward to the parts that interest you. (Timestamp information is located to the right of each item. Please select that time when you are watching the video.)

What Is Included in the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Ecosystem?

Collaborative tools do more than simply help your team work better together. The best tools work together themselves to provide a seamless experience that enhances productivity and helps your entire company work smarter from anywhere.

  • Gain an overview of the main tools available in the Microsoft 365 suite (3:07)

What Is OneDrive?

A natural competitor to Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, OneDrive helps individual team members organize, store, and share documents without having to include files in emails. Another benefit to OneDrive is that it makes everyone’s files maintain the same look and feel, no matter what device is used to open them.

  • Gain an overview of OneDrive (4:53)

What Is SharePoint?

Taking document sharing a step further, SharePoint provides advanced document management, sharing, and collaboration in the cloud for an entire business. SharePoint is better than simply storing your business network on the cloud because it helps you extend your capabilities as your team grows.

Whether you want to integrate your documents to your Sage ERP, create an internal-access-only website, or migrate your intranet to the cloud, SharePoint can make your goals become reality.

  • Gain an overview of SharePoint (7:21)
  • Tip: See how Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint work together (9:09)

What Is Teams?

Teams brings your entire digital ecosystem together under one easy-to-use umbrella. It drives video and audio meetings, chat, file organization, and collaboration across your organization, which makes remote work infinitely easier.

  • Gain an overview of Teams (10:35)
  • Tip: Learn the basics of organizing your unique Teams setup (11:28)

What Is Microsoft Voice? 

The newly available VoIP platform for Teams, Microsoft Voice empowers your employees to make and receive phone calls directly from their Teams portals. Though calling was previously available with Microsoft 365 E5, the Business Voice plan simplifies licensing by providing an all-in-one calling bundle for businesses with fewer than 300 users.

  • Gain an overview of Microsoft Voice (12:51)
  • Tip: Discover 3 reasons why business choose Microsoft Voice (15:01)

How Are Microsoft Analytics Capabilities Driven by Collaboration?

Wondering what your employees’ work habits are? One of the most overlooked benefits of the collaboration between Microsoft 365 tools is that this seamlessly integrated environment delivers all-encompassing analytics and reportson company usage and statistics. Enhanced insight into business habits and trends can help you improve efficiency quickly.

  • Gain an overview of Microsoft 365 analytics functions (16:33)

Watch a Demo of Microsoft 365 Business Voice in Teams

It can be hard to imagine a fully integrated Universal Communication (UCaaS) platform for a team of fewer than 300 people, which is why Eric takes a few minutes in this video to demonstrate basic to advanced capabilities in Microsoft Voice for Teams.

See how to make phone calls using any device, access voicemails, integrate contact information with Outlook, add new contacts, view extensive contact information, and keep up with voicemails when your environment is not conducive to audio.

  • Watch the full demo of Microsoft Voice (18:04)
  • Tip: Check out the AI transcription feature for visual voicemails (26:05)


Curious to discover more about the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools? Check out the answers to these questions from the webinar.

  • Do SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams come with Microsoft 365 or are they additional add-ons? (28:09)
  • Is Teams Calling different from Microsoft Voice? (28:35)
  • Can you use Teams Calling if you do not have Microsoft Voice? (28:58)
  • Do new contacts auto-sync back and forth between Teams and Outlook? (29:20)
  • How is the quality of Microsoft Voice? (32:23)
  • How is the quality of Teams’ webinar platform? (32:49)

Extend Your Learning

This in-depth walkthrough on what each Microsoft 365 tool offers was only one of the many free, in-depth webinars from SWK Technologies helping you do more with your technology.

If you liked this video and you want to watch more in-depth webinars that will empower you to make confident decisions about your business tech, please check out our upcoming events and webinars.

In the meantime, please bookmark this webinar link so you can return to the information whenever you need it.

Watch the webinar now so you can ‘Accelerate Your Microsoft 365 Collaboration’


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