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Introducing Sage Business Cloud

By February 28, 2018April 9th, 2019No Comments

In late 2017, Sage announced the unveiling of the Sage Business Cloud. Sage Business Cloud is a comprehensive platform designed to better meet the requirements an evolving modern market. It provides a suite of cloud-based solutions for SMBs and larger enterprises alike, which also includes a clearer path towards the cloud within the existing Sage family of products. Current customers will be able to follow this roadmap at their own pace and will be granted the opportunity to adopt a cloud native architecture at their discretion. Sage will continue to invest in their products already on the market and will not force anyone to migrate if they do not choose to.

Sage Business Cloud features a set of core products that meet the needs of organizations in every sector. This software will offer functionality for users at multiple levels, including accountants, CIOs, and owners, and for companies of all sizes. Sage will provide improved integration between their products in the cloud with a simplified, consistent digital delivery, as well as enhancements that capitalize on emerging technology such as machine learning and AI. Sage will also offer additional upgrades in the future, including implementation of new compliance data, a single sign-on experience, and better mobile offerings.

Sage 100cloud ERP“Sage Business Cloud is the next transformative wave of business software,” said Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage Group. “As the fourth industrial revolution continues to take hold, we want to make our customers lives simple. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need products that aid productivity, enable them to respond at lightning speed and deliver insights as well as opportunity. We have our foot on the gas and are ready to meet the needs of the most important people to our business – our customers. And we are just getting started.”

The introduction of Sage Business Cloud will also constitute a renaming of several products. Sage 100c will be changed to Sage 100cloud to better reflect the solution’s cloud capabilities, though customers will still be allowed the option for on-premise deployments. Similarly, Sage X3 and all associated products will become Enterprise Management to provide a more descriptive title indicative of the solution’s abilities. This name change does not represent any alteration of functionality for these products and will not disrupt SWK’s implementation and support services in any way. All changes will take affect by March 7, 2018.

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