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The What, Why, and Who of Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution for Sage 100 ERP

By April 9, 2014May 12th, 2020No Comments
SWK Tech Sage 100 ERP Multi-Bin

Want your warehouse to be organized and easily navigable? Try Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution for Sage 100 ERP.

It’s easy for warehouse managers to feel overwhelmed when inventory layout is unstructured, distribution is unmanageable, and item shortages surface during inventory picking. There’s no reason to feel this way though, because you can conquer these problems with Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution!

What is Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution?

Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution is an enhancement for Sage 100 ERP. With this enhancement, you can track multiple bin locations per item/warehouse, which provides you with details regarding your exact bin locations, the amount you have available in each bin location, and the amount you have available for distribution—this means you always have full control of your inventory.

Why use Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution?

Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution is designed to help streamline the inventory picking process and to ensure your items will be available at picking time. With Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution, you can enter a single item in several bin locations or place several items in one bin location and the exact location will be listed on the picking sheet. This can help your business in many ways, including when:

  • You want to store kits or packages that contain multiple items all within a single bin
  • You want to allow salespeople the flexibility to sell single items (out of inventory that is usually packaged as a kit)
  • You want to employ a first-in-first-out, or last-in-first-out system in your warehouse
  • You want to automatically block off a specific item from available inventory when a salesperson or distributor secures that item

Who is Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution for?

Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution is the ideal solution for manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, or any business needing to track an unlimited number of bin locations for each warehouse and inventory item. If you need to understand your inventory to grow your business and maintain peak efficiency, Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution will support that growth to help you reach your goals.


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