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Core Accounting and Financials

Sage 100 Accounts Receivable


Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90, 200, and 200 SQL) Accounts Receivable quickly and easily accumulates and presents the information you need for effective cash management in an intuitive format. The straightforward implementation streamlines daily accounts receivable activities for optimum efficiency, and the flexible design allows you to turn views and options on or off to suit your requirements. Streamline how you manage your customers who have corporate and branch accounts utilizing powerful National Accounts features. Efficiently track and bill the parent company for goods and services you sell and provide to the branch—while still keeping a unique customer account for each entity. Powerful, yet simple to use, Accounts Receivable has streamlined and flexible cash management capabilities with multiple key reports. Easily generate personalized customer communications using built-in Paperless Office capabilities, save copies of generated reports, and easily access them anytime

Full Featured for Maximum Business Insights

Accounts Receivable tracks receivables, plans cash flow, and provides extensive information and reporting features to give you vital business insights to plan for the future. The powerful invoicing function allows you to prepare invoices and billings from within the system and automatically prepares customer statements on demand. The multiple features of the Accounts Receivable module allow divisional accounting, use of multiple bank accounts, audit trails, the ability to add new customers and codes “on the fly,” automatic processing of repetitive billing, statement printing on standard or custom forms, advanced sales tax support, extensive reporting, and more. A comprehensive module, Accounts Receivable also integrates with General Ledger, Sales Order, Inventory Management, Job Cost, Bank Reconciliation, e-Business Manager, and Custom Office. And, of course, the Sage award-winning customer and technical support teams back you 100 percent.


  • Manage your cash flow and accurately forecast cash expectations
  • Automate your invoicing and billing, including repetitive and cash invoices
  • Streamline your branch and corporate customer billing using National Account Management
  • Efficiently run divisional receivables and multiple bank accounts
  • Accurately track and report on commissions
  • Add new customers and codes on the fly
  • Calculate advanced sales tax functions
  • Generate meaningful reports and statements at the level of complexity you need
  • Easily send timely communications with attachments to customers and others in your organization
  • Locate the information you want with flexible search capabilities


Divisional Accounting

Divisional accounting allows you to assign a separate accounts receivable general ledger account to the receivables for each division. All reports can provide divisional subtotals.

Cash Expectation Report

Forecast future cash receipts using three user-defined aging categories and forecast requirements based upon the average-days-to-pay information for individual customers.

Advanced Sales Tax

Canadian GST/PST, tax schedules for multiple jurisdictions, and tax-on-tax calculations are all part of this feature.

Balance-Forward or Open-Item Customers

Process all accounts receivable on a balance-forward or open-item basis and assign the open-item or balance-forward method to individual customers.

International Address Capability

Customer masterfiles include three address lines to handle international numbers: country code, international postal codes, and an expanded telephone number field.

Credit Card Processing for Cash Receipts

Posting of credit card payments can be done with or without the Credit Card Processing module. When the module is used, functionality is further enhanced through automated authorizations and integration with credit card settlement reports.

Customer Delete/ Renumber/Merge

Automatically delete, renumber, or merge customer numbers without having to renumber or merge customer information manually.

Invoice Entry

Automatically calculates due dates, discount due dates, discount amounts, and commission amounts for invoice entries. Use sales codes to obtain price and cost-of-goods-sold information. Enter unlimited sales codes, miscellaneous charges, and comment lines for each invoice in an easy-to-use grid-based entry window.

Repetitive Invoice Processing

Automatically process repetitive billing, such as membership fees, maintenance contracts, and rent.

Invoice History Printing

Prints history invoices for customer numbers, invoice numbers, and invoice dates. Reprint Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, and Sales Order invoices separately or all at once using the same form code or print only unpaid invoices for open-item customers. Reprint individual invoices from the drill-down screen in invoice history.

Cash Receipts Processing

Automatically applies cash receipts against the oldest invoices or against specific invoices. It allows you to post miscellaneous cash receipts directly against General Ledger accounts and process any prepayments against invoices not yet recorded.

Statement Printing

Print statements for a billing cycle, for example monthly or quarterly, on standard or custom forms for all customers or for a specific group of customers. You can also print statements based upon a minimum balance. Statements can be faxed directly from within Sage 100 ERP either individually or in batches.

Customer Masterfile Audit

This feature provides an audit trail of changes made to the Accounts Receivable customer masterfile. Use the Customer Masterfile Audit Report to review any changes, deletions, or additions to the customer masterfile.


Accurately and simply apply checks, cash, or credit card payments. Assign memos to specific customers and have them automatically display from related data entry points throughout the system including sales order entry and cash receipts. View attachments associated with the memo in addition to establishing expiration dates.

“Before we had Sage 100 ERP, accounts sometimes sat for a year or more before we noticed them and targeted them for collection. With Sage 100 ERP, we run aged invoice reports on a regular basis and contact customers before the situation gets out of hand.”

Tom Zerkel, office manager Alton E. Sullivan Construction

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