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5 Key Factors to Look for in Your New HRMS Solution

By September 14, 2021September 29th, 2021No Comments

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5 Key Factors HRMS Solution

Ensure You Get the Right HRMS Solution for Your Business – Read These Tips

In today’s uncertain business landscape, organizations must ask complex staffing questions. How does remote staff productivity compare to in-office productivity? Are remote team members and recent hires staying engaged at work? How can the company maintain efficiency during a public health crisis?

To answer these questions, HR is increasingly being asked to provide executives with targeted strategic input that maximizes workforce efficiency while driving agility.

The right HRMS solution can help.

What to Look for in HR Management Software

Over the past year, HR management Software or “HRMS solutions” have delivered insight to companies needing to make lightning-fast decisions in response to evolving pandemic-related business challenges. Companies without HR management software have found themselves “running blind” when making critical workforce decisions.

Your workforce is too important of an asset to risk on blind decision making, yet HR departments often find themselves delivering incomplete workforce data to executives.

Ensure that your HR team and the C-suite has on-time access to accurate, comprehensive insight when youfocus on these 5 areas:

  1. Accuracy

When considering a workforce change, up-to-date employee records are critical. Quick decisions leave no time for sifting through form versions to find the most updated contact information. With a modern HRMS solution, you will know you always have the right information at the right time.

Plus, if you choose an integrated solution like Sage HRMS subscription, you can trust that the updated data in your HRMS flows automatically into your Sage 100 ERP, keeping your ERP up to date too.

  1. Insight

The “halo effect,” when a manager has an overly positive view of an employee, is proven to influence workforce decisions. The antidote to the halo effect is clear, objective employee data. For workforce decision clarity, HMRS solutions provide necessary and accurate insight about employee engagement, achievements, absenteeism, productivity, training milestones, and more.

  1. Reliability

These days, your organization’s CEO expects to have 24/7 access to critical data – including workforce data. The right HR management solution will deliver around-the-clock access to detailed employee reporting for decision-makers. It should also provide an Employee Self Service system that makes important information like time off allotments, pay history, pay stubs, documentation, and contact info available to employees and former employees anytime.

  1. Communication

Need to communicate updated guidelines for workplace health management, remote work processes, or other policies that may change frequently? An easily accessible communication portal housed in your HR management solution is the best way to share this information securely and quickly.

A modern HRMS should also provide email alerts and announcements, automated notifications for overtime thresholds or other important events, a virtual file cabinet for quick access to forms for remote workers, and an up-to-date company directory.

  1. Security

HRMS solutions handle a lot of sensitive employee information. If you are planning to store more data within your HR management software, you will want to ensure that you maintain HIPAA compliance by choosing a secure system. Ask detailed questions about security when choosing your solution.

Remember: even if the security issue was caused by the makers of an unproven workforce management solution, the non-compliance fees will still be your responsibility.

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A modern ERP-integrated and fully compliant HRMS solution should meet all the above criteria. It should also deliver additional features and benefits that can speed your decision-making time and ease the paperwork burden for your HR department.

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