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SWK Brings Unify Square into Multi-Tenant Acumatica Cloud

By February 3, 2020March 4th, 2020No Comments

Unify Square, Inc. is a cloud software and services provider headquartered in Bellevue, WA. Bellevue is also the home of another cloud developer, Acumatica, and this proximity helped Unify’s Director of Global Finance/Corporate Controller, Elena Bespalova, to connect with the former and determine if the product could solve a very particular problem.

As it happens, Acumatica partner SWK Technologies faced a similar challenge with another client, and so Unify was referred to the VAR to see if their consultants would be able to address their unique situation – a multi-company and multi-currency financial operations chain.

Global Reach

To solve the particular needs of Unify Square, which included finance reporting compliance for several countries, SWK would implement a multi-tenant cloud environment that would automate the multi-national accounting processes for Elena’s team.

Nick Heuer, who led Unify Square’s Acumatica implementation, says that SWK was sought out for having experience with setting up multi-tenant cloud environments. However, the scope of Unify’s infrastructure needs was greater than anything Nick had experienced before.

“It seemed a really big problem on the outside – but in reality, it wasn’t too bad,” says Nick. “Once I just started getting the framework of it in, it all fell into place.”

Multi-tenant Cloud

Acumatica’s out-of-the-box finance features could handle all the accounting functions, according to Nick, but Elena would require a way to merge the data from the other tenants. To handle this, both worked together on creating a separate “Consolidation tenant” that would map the various general ledger accounts to a consolidated ledger.

“All you have to do is go to ‘Consolidations,’ and then run a consolidation sync,” says Nick. “Once it’s configured, it’s super easy.”

Offices in each country work within their own tenant, which are kept in compliance with regional regulations to allow for seamless statutory reporting.

Accounting and Compliance Automation

The introduction of the unique tenant rules significantly improved Elena’s ability to process the various multi-company and multi-currency accounts.

“Consolidating multiple ledgers that used to take several days and required manual adjustments for intercompany eliminations now takes just a few minutes,” says Elena. “It took some time to configure correctly and test, but once that was done it is a very easy process.”

SWK Enables Success for Unify Square

Since Unify Square’s multi-tenant Acumatica environment was deployed successfully, Elena and her team have adjusted to the new software without any serious concerns.

“Unify Square went live without a hitch,” says Nick.


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