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Sage ERP X3 Purchase Invoice Automation (PIA)

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Purchase Invoice AutomationThere are improvements to Sage ERP X3’s Purchase Invoice Automation (PIA)! With more functionality and easier navigation, the new PIA can help your business achieve its goals with less manual entry time.

Purchase Invoice Automation (PIA) allows the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically associate scanned-in paper invoices and credit notes to Invoices recorded within Sage ERP X3. The records are created in the Purchase Invoice function (GESPIH) of the distribution module of Sage ERP X3.

PIA identifies and records key data items from the scanned invoices and credit notes and validates this information against Sage ERP X3 to make a matching recommendation. A user can check and validate the recommendations before the transactions are posted into Sage ERP X3.

On confirmation that an invoice can be accepted, Sage ERP X3 is updated (via a web service) and the scanned document is automatically archived for reference within the Electronic Document Management (EDM) repository.

This has been assessed as a cost-effective solution for any business processing in excess of 500 invoices per month.

The PIA module requires that the EDM Core Module with at least one Scan Station  installed and operational. Importantly, the differences between data items available on invoices and credit notes for specific geographies need to be configured in the solution.

At Release 9 of EDM the pre-configuration of PIA has been completed for the UK, USA, South Africa and Australian geographies.

The Pre-configuration for France and Canada is already underway and should be available shortly after Release 9 (these will be made available in a Service Pack for EDM).

It is intended that Pre-Configuration for Spain, Germany and Portugal invoices and credit notes will be made near the beginning of 2014.

PIA functionality is limited to the following documents:

  • Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes
  • PO Invoices – match to Orders/Receipts
  • Direct Invoices – partial invoice creation (Header only)

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