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MAPADOC is the First EDI Integrated Solution to be Certified for Sage X3

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LIVINGSTON, N.J., Jan. 31, 2017 — MAPADOC, an international provider of electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions, announced today that it is the first integrated solutions to be certified for Sage X3.

“The entire MAPADOC team is thrilled to have achieved this level of certification,” said Gary Berman, executive vice president of MAPADOC. “This certification strengthens our ability to help our customers seamlessly communicate between trading partners and their suppliers to ensure fast, accurate product delivery to retailers and their end customers.”

In the Fall of 2016, MAPADOC joined the Sage Global ISV Rockstar program. The Rockstar program will enable Sage partners to resell MAPADOC to Enterprise Management customers in North America.


MAPADOC EDI ( fully automates your EDI processes, saving you time and money by eliminating errors when trading with big-box stores—and now it’s distributed in North America and Australia. Because it’s written in the same programming language, MAPADOC seamlessly integrates with your Sage 100, Sage 500, Enterprise Management, or Acumatica system, making EDI easy to learn and use in your warehouse. In addition to selling their proprietary software, the MAPADOC team also offers consulting, implementation, training, and ongoing support to give you the help you need, regardless of your EDI experience.

About SWK Technologies, Inc.

SWK Technologies, Inc. ( is an IT consulting company that provides and develops internationally distributed on-premises and cloud solutions, including Sage business management products, Acumatica, Sage X3, Nectari, AccellosOne WMS, and other business software essentials. SWK’s network services division provides comprehensive business protection with managed network and business continuity services. SWK is also a Sage Authorized Training Center.

Get the facts: download the MAPADOC for  Sage X3 whitepaper to learn more.

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