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Sage 100 ERP Function: Customer Relationship Management

By February 22, 2013May 18th, 2022No Comments

Over the past couple of weeks this blog has been detailing the various functions for Sage 100 ERP (f/k/a Sage ERP MAS 90/200). Our last blog talked about the Time and Project Management solution for Sage 100 and how it helped project-centric organizations control cost, boost efficiency and increase cash flow. This blog post will move on to the final part of the Sage 100 functionality series with Customer Relationship Management.  With the CRM solution you will be able to build lasting, more profitable relationships and develop meaningful marketing programs.

Customer Relationship Management

Sage CRM is a powerful and easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that increases productivity, fosters collaboration, and improves the customer experience. As an integrated solution, Sage CRM leverages the transactional information in your Sage 100 ERP system to present a comprehensive and detailed view of your customers’ business and their needs.

 Increase productivity by providing your sales team a streamlined sales and planning process thanks to easy to use workflow management supported by detailed customer information available anytime, anywhere.  Enhance your marketing activities by creating effective campaigns with built-in e-marketing tools, a detailed knowledge base, and multiple social media channels.  Improve your customer experience by empowering your service staff with easy to use and customize dashboards, self-service features, and performance monitoring. This powerful combination of ERP and CRM functionality delivers instant access across the whole organization to key real-time customer information and allows collaboration for greater organizational efficiency, higher sales, and better overall customer experience.

Sales Force Automation

Sage CRM offers a wealth of features that optimize sales opportunities, increase productivity, and drive performance with automated workflow and pipeline management. Through its customizable and interactive dashboard view, Sage CRM maximizes your sales activities by giving you instant access from your desktop or mobile device to current opportunities, leads, calendar, sales performance, contacts, financials, and much more. Sage CRM also gives you the ability to check product availability, order status, and billing status.

Marketing Automation

Sage CRM enhances your marketing efforts by allowing users to build effective campaigns based on detailed customer information from Sage 100 ERP such as buying trends, products purchased, and target markets. Using Sage CRM marketing features, marketing professionals can design compelling promotions that lead to higher response rates, more and better quality leads, and increased sales opportunities. With Sage CRM’s built-in analytics tools, you can analyze conversion rates and accurately calculate your ROI.

Customer Service

Sage CRM empowers your customer service staff by providing them with complete customer information from both the front and back end office systems and enabling them to make the right informed decisions to resolve the problem. From a single central source, your staff can easily view real-time order status, past service notes, invoices, payment history, credit status, and more, which can then deliver consistent and accurate customer service.


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