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5 Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

By May 8, 2019July 9th, 2020No Comments

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5 benefits of infrastructure as a service

The cloud provides users with the ability to access applications hosted remotely from any place at any time. Along with allowing the Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model, in which a solution is hosted and provided by a vendor through the Internet, cloud computing also enables your business to leverage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). IaaS is delivered by a provider from a remote physical data center, which leverages the benefits of an on-premise environment with the real-time connectivity of cloud deployments.

The IaaS model alleviates IT maintenance burdens and lets you streamline how your business deploys software. By utilizing remote cloud application hosting for your business technology, you receive more flexibility in how you pay for and manage your enterprise solutions. Network infrastructure delivered by cloud computing removes many of the headaches that occur with traditional software deployments provided through onsite set-ups.

Here are five benefits of leveraging Infrastructure as a Service to host your software solutions in the cloud:

1. Cost

The IaaS model delivers immediate cost benefits from eliminating hardware maintenance, as well as providing more flexible pricing options. IT resources can be supplied on an as-needed basis instead of having to be sustained perpetually. This allows your business to avoid the consistent expenses of keeping onsite servers and scale overhead according to what you actually need at the moment.

2. Security

With in-house software deployments and installations, network security is dependent on the ability of your business to monitor ever connected machine. Hosted cloud environment transfer part of this burden to the third-party provider, whose sole responsibility is maintaining the stability of your solution. By being able to devote their own resources to physical and network security measures, application hosting services reduce the obligation on your to managing system endpoints.

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3. Scalability and Access

The agility of hosted cloud services means that it is easier to adapt your software deployment to growth and other developments. Plans can be expanded to include new users and data bandwidth as demands escalate, without having to migrate to a completely new system. Your hosting provider will also ensure that additional access is delivered through a secure cloud environment to prevent unauthorized interaction with your network.

4. Service

Hosting software through a third-party cloud service provider also helps you optimize data access to be delivered in real-time and based on defined user conditions. With a team dedicated to monitoring data bandwidth, your hosting service is better able to ensure sustained network connection speeds and prevent downtime.

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5. Backup and Recovery

Onsite data is at the mercy of your local storage in the event of an accident or ransomware infection, and will be lost if the physical hardware is damaged or cannot be accessed. As part of your service, IaaS providers can back up your data in a secure cloud environment to allow you reclaim all of your files entirely at any time. A cloud-based Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution automates backup procedures using the same virtualization technology as Infrastructure as a Service, keeping your data restore up-to-date and avoiding human error.

Host Your Software Applications in the Cloud with IaaS

Hosting your enterprise applications through a secure cloud connection lets you manage the cost of ownership and resource consumption of your business technology implementation. By having your IT infrastructure delivered as a service, your asset maintenance burdens are delegated while still allowing you to capture the benefits of an automated software solution.

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