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Count on Sage 100 ERP Shipping by SmartLinc

By July 31, 2013December 10th, 2018No Comments

Sage 100 ERP ShippingAs you know, shipping is no easy task.  There is so much work and detail that goes into orders, costs, and organization.  When done correctly, efficiently, and on time, you get high levels of customer satisfaction.  Too often, companies handle the shipping processes manually with many errors in the process – and this effects customer satisfaction.

Are you tired of the manual paperwork that goes into shipping?

Are you rekeying shipping information between your UPS or FedEx computer and your ERP solution?

If so, they you look into Sage 100 ERP Shipping as a solution that can reduce your headaches and improve production.

Sage 100 ERP Shipping has several different elements that can help you out in shipping processes.

You can reduce costs while processing shipments accurately and on time, every time—Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) Shipping provides a flexible solution that can help you streamline shipping activities for all Parcel Carriers, Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments, Truck Load, and Company Vehicles.

Your Challenge

 One of the more daunting challenges faced by companies across industries is to efficiently manage costs while still exceeding the high expectations of customers.

Significant delivery disruptions have the potential to impact customer satisfaction and raise your shipping costs.

You need to ensure all orders are fulfilled accurately and arrive to your customers on time, for the lowest possible price.

Your Solution

Sage 100 ERP Shipping helps you get your products into your customers’ hands quickly and economically by facilitating all forms of shipping, including Small Parcel Shipping, LTL, full Truck Loads, Company Vehicle, or a combination of them all, utilizing any carrier.

By seamlessly connecting to the technology provided by carriers (web services, HTTP Post, tracking/ pro number algorithms, or pregenerated tracking numbers, and so on), Shipping allows you to easily select the best way to ship and reduces freight costs.

Not only do you realize lower freight and labor costs, with Shipping you get a cost-effective solution that is updated automatically and works with your current process and hardware—no specific printers or scales required.

You can take advantage of full visibility across all your locations into your shipping process through a single web-based platform for Shipment Creation/Cancelation, Address Validation, Multi-Carrier Rate Shopping, Carrier Label Printing, Tracking, and Proof of Delivery – all within Sage 100 ERP.

The Bottom Line

With Shipping, you get a web-based, flexible and comprehensive shipping solution without breaking your budget, straining your internal resources, or compromising on functionality.

With the peace of mind of shipping compliance—and the cost benefits of dramatically streamlined processes—you have one less risk to worry about in your order management.

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