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Inventory Min/Max – Sage 100 Video

By March 16, 2020September 16th, 2022No Comments

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The Inventory Management module of your Sage 100 ERP hosts a lot of useful features that may not be so easy to find. In the latest of SWK’s Sage 100 tutorial video series, SVP of STAT Merilyn Van Zwieten will walk you through a few tricks to using the Min and Max Inventory Quantity setups to streamline your warehouse and order management:

Inventory Min and Max Sage 100 Video Transcript:

Welcome to SWK’s video series on Sage 100. This video is going to show you how to use the Min and Max Inventory Quantity setups in Sage 100.

We’re looking at version 2019 and if I’m on the third tab of an Item, I can click on this little yellow icon and it brings me up my Reorder Quantities. I’m able to do this by Warehouse, you can see that I can put in a bin location, and this is where I would put in a bin location if I was not using multi-bin.

I can have an Economic Reorder Point, a Min and a Max, and you can see that my Reorder methods can be based on three different criteria.

Now once I enter this in, well, how does this become useful to me? Well first, I want to look at two reports. There’s the stock status report – if I run this, you’re going to see that it will have the Reorder point by Warehouse, and it’s handy, not a lot of information, but yet nonetheless handy, but also the Reorder report.

Now, notice that the Print Usage detail is not selected. If I do select it, instead of seeing the Min/Max information, I’m going to see Usage information.

Now you can see here I have my Quantity On Hand, on Purchase Order, on Sales Order, etc., Reorder Point, Min, Economic, Max, Reorder Recommendation, and then if I would automate this, it would actually create Purchase Orders. So that’s another place that I can use that information.

I also like using the Items Quantity by Warehouse view. If I look at this, you can see the standard view is showing me that I have Quantities On Hand, Purchase Order, etcetera, and by right clicking up on the top and bringing up my column settings, I can easily add the Reorder Report information that we saw in Item Maintenance. Here it all is. And then of course, with this, if I want to work with this in Excel, I am going to export it to Excel.

And here we go, and now we have a nice Excel sheet, and you can do your purchasing based on what you’re seeing here.

There is one other place that I think that this is really handy to have this information, and that is looking at Inventory Requirements Planning. If I generate this, let’s just go ahead and generate it, I’m not going to put an end date because I don’t have that much data in here, and we’ll look at the Purchase selections here.

You can see I have my Item Codes, my Quantity Recommended, my Purchase, and here is my Vendors and Unit cost, and if I slide this over you’ll see that not only do I see Quantity on Purchase Order and Sales Order, but I can see here on it how this wants me to purchase, it wants me to have a Maximum of 20 On Hand.

So, if we look at this particular Warehouse, we have no Quantity On Hand so the recommended purchase Quantity is 20, and if I make no other modifications to the spreadsheet and I click create Purchase Orders, all those Purchase Orders will be created one for each Vendor that is listed here.

We do have another video on this functionality, to have a little deeper dive into this, but you can see that by putting Mins and Maxes in, in your Item Quantities under the Warehouse that there are four different area in Sage that that reporting information becomes useful.

Thanks for watching this video, hope you found it helpful!

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