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Time and Billing

Introducing TBX: Your Time and Billing Solution

By February 28, 2014February 7th, 2017No Comments

Does your company sometimes invoice customers late or incorrectly? Have you ever lost money through simple data-entry errors? Are you or your employees frustrated by the endlessly time-consuming task of manually entering time against billable projects?

Make the switch to business success when you have the priceless knowledge, valuable time, and accurate, reliable invoices only offered by TBx: Your Time and Billing Solution.

TBx is a flexible time and billing solution that not only offers freedom to companies in all industries who suffer from frustratingly slow data-entry and time-tracking methods, TBx also empowers your company with the business productivity that comes from a valuable database providing instant visibility into the time and expense your company spends on projects.

Increase Your Accuracy

If your company bills clients for services based on employee time spent on projects and activities, you know how important it is for employees to maintain up-to-date and detailed time and expense records. This software is especially useful for law firms, CPAs, consultants, or any business that bills clients based on time. TBx’s accurate time and expense reports enhance service to your clients by ensuring that client invoices are correct and complete, that they are processed cost-effectively and efficiently, and that they are sent out as quickly as possible. Inaccurate timekeeping can lead to costly regulatory compliance missteps, but when you know that you have accurate and timely invoices, you’ll improve your company’s profitability and you’ll maintain your competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Understand Your Business

TBx offers you the flexibility to provide your employees with the tools they need in order to quickly and accurately create a comprehensive account of their time and expenses, no matter if they’re at their desk or on the road. Plus, with TBx’s built-in business intelligence, you’ll have the revolutionary power to analyze your data by literally zooming in and out of multiple report dimensions and you can create reports with a user-friendly drag-and-drop report-building system.

The in-depth Audit Trail allows managers and supervisors to quickly access detailed information regarding any changes to the system at any time, which means that you’ll have the information you want regarding employees, clients, transactions, and more immediately.

Increase Your Speed

Time-tracking doesn’t mean time-consuming anymore. With TBx, users can record time and expenses immediately, and department managers can approve time and expense entries that have been entered into the system. Users can also streamline other processes, such as tasks, CRM cases, support tickets, and more, enabling your company to weed out the antiquated clutter of spreadsheets, pads of paper, and sticky notes. With TBx, once you enter and record your time, it’s immediately organized and ready for invoicing.

Suit Your Needs

TBx is Your Time and Billing Solution, meaning that it supports your needs and your terminology. Diminish the learning curve that your employees experience with easy-to-use customizable field-names. For example, “Engagements” can be called “Matters” in a law firm or “Projects” in a consulting firm. TBx also produces detailed billing invoices that can be customized to meet the needs of specific clients, so that you can provide outstanding customer service with ease. To keep up with TBx updates, follow us on Twitter

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