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Important Year-End Updates for Sage 100 ERP

By December 16, 2014July 30th, 2019No Comments

Are you using Sage 100 ERP? The program makes all your business financial tasks easier, but you need to keep it up to date to ensure that your tax filing is quick and easy. The following updates will affect you if you have the Accounts Payable and Payroll modules. Both updates will be available to download the week of December 22, 2014.

Interim Release Download (IRD) is required to update forms and program changes for e-filing and reporting for 2014 requirements. Sage has incorporated these changes into the Sage 100 ERP 2014 IRD.

Tax Table Update (TTU) is required for federal and some states. The TTU will affect your business for tax filing year 2014. Sage has incorporated these changes into the Sage 100 ERP 2015-Q1 TTU.

Both updates will be available for the following Sage 100 ERP versions: (PU=Product Update)

  • through
  • 2013 PU 7 ( and higher
  • 2014 PU 3 ( and higher

Please read the 2014 year-end frequently asked questions (FAQ) to find out latest ACA information for Sage 100 ERP.

2014 Year-End FAQ

To download the updates, you must have a current Sage Business Care plan as of the tax table effective date. Both updates are only available by download.

  1. Log on to the Sage Support Portal by entering your user name and password. You must be logged on, or you cannot access the tax updates.
  2. Under My Products (on left side), click Sage 100 ERP.
  3. In the Support Resources section (at the bottom), click Sage 100 ERP Year-End Center.
  4. Select the applicable update link to access downloads.

Reminder: As additional federal or state updates are received, tax table updates will be posted throughout January 2015 to the support portal.

Important reminders:

  • Sage is no longer providing W-2, 1099, and 941 form updates that are accessed through the standard menu tasks. You will be able to use Federal and State eFiling and Reporting features, which allow you to print W-2/W-3, 941, 940, and 1099/1096 forms, as well as 330+ tax forms, directly to your printer—or, you can choose to e-file, which is processed by Aatrix for a nominal fee. Fees to e-file are only incurred when you actually choose to e-file forms using Aatrix. Contact us for more details.
  • The 2014 IRD and 2015Q1 TTU are the last year-end updates that will be released for version 4.50, please see Sage 100 ERP supported versions.


If you have questions about your Sage Business Care plan or if you want help with downloading these year-end updates, please contact us

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