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How to Export & Import Data with Visual Integrator for Sage 100 [On-Demand Webinar]

By September 12, 2022September 14th, 2022No Comments


Using Visual Integrator for Sage 100, Especially for Data Imports, Can Save a LOT of Time

Visual Integrator (VI) for Sage 100 provides much-needed flexibility for exporting and importing data, enabling your accounting team to save time and improve efficiency. However, VI is not always the most intuitive module to work with – and it does not have a user manual for quick tips.

Get your Finance team and other key business units on the track to success using Visual Integrator for Sage 100 with this in-depth webinar that provides a detailed walkthrough of exporting and importing with VI. The webinar also offers clear explanations of the why behind each step. Watch the webinar now.  

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This webinar covers a lot of information, including exports, imports, Excel formatting, and troubleshooting common issues. If you are looking for specific information, please use this summary to skip forward to the parts that interest you.

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What Is Visual Integrator for Sage 100?

In this section, you will gain a general overview of the Visual Integrator main menu and what it empowers your team to do.

  • Overview of the Visual Integrator module (1:34)

Exporting Data from Sage 100 Using Visual Integrator

Finance teams and power users typically leverage the VI module for importing data, but Visual Integrator can also be useful for scheduling exports to a third-party system. This section introduces you to the rarely used, but handy, VI export process. It also provides important info on how to use each tab in the Sage 100 Visual Integrator module.

  • Overview of the export process (2:32)
  • Get to know the Configuration tab (4:30)
  • Understanding the Data tab (7:59)
  • The Select and Sort tabs (8:38)
  • Tip: Is Job Select right for your needs? (9:48)

Importing into Sage 100 Using Visual Integrator

Once your team knows how to perform data imports using the Visual Integrator module, your company is sure to save time and significantly reduce Sage 100 manual entry tasks. In this section, you will see how to import transactions into General Ledger as well as import an Accounts Payable invoice, and how to format a Microsoft Excel sheet for seamless imports.

  • Overview of the full import process (13:23)
  • Formatting an Excel sheet for upload (15:36)
  • Tip: What are transaction numbers? (16:24)
  • Tip: Should you include user codes? (17:09)
  • What the finished import selections should look like (17:40)
  • How to set up an import job from scratch (21:46)
  • Tip: What are the codes and colors in the Data tab? (22:43)
  • Tip: What is a runtime field? (25:05)
  • Tip: A caveat about batches (29:31)
  • Tip: Working with account numbers with 9+ characters (30:52)
  • Using Calculated fields for your import (32:02)
  • Setting up the Records tab for cleaner imports (34:50)
  • Running an import (35:23)
  • Uploading an AP invoice (41:03)

Tips & Tricks for Data Import Success

From troubleshooting errors to scheduling tasks and setting up secure job permissions, this section is the place you will want to return to again and again for great tips.

  • Identifying and fixing job errors (38:15)
  • How to stop the system from uploading an invoice that already exists (44:32)
  • Scheduling jobs with the Task Scheduler (46:29)
  • Creating a secured job for limited-permissions users (47:55)


Want to dive in more to how you can use Visual Integrator for Sage 100 at your organization? This session includes some great questions and answers that are well worth watching.

  • How does “chaining” work? (49:58)
  • How can you skip the first record when importing? (52:27)
  • How does Visual Integrator differ from General Ledger Exchange? (55:03)
  • Can this work for multiple companies through intercompany transactions? (56:23)
  • Are there instructions on how to write procedures for Perform logic? (58:44)
  • Is there a current Visual Integrator user manual? (59:28)

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Watch the “Exporting & Importing into Sage 100 Using Visual Integrator” webinar.

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