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3 Ways AvidXchange Automates AP in Acumatica

By December 11, 2019May 11th, 2023No Comments

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AvidXchange and Acumatica are two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that enable you to streamline your accounts payable processes. Integrating the former AP automation software with the latter cloud ERP cuts down time and costs needed to process your payment invoices. Combining these applications allows you to transform your procurement and purchasing into a seamless, paperless operation.

Here are three ways AvidXchange enables AP automation in Acumatica Cloud ERP:

1. Cloud Software Integration for Faster AP

Cloud technology delivers immediate value to accounts payable systems with service provided at speeds faster than traditional applications. Without the limitations of on-premise hardware, SaaS can be deployed much more quickly and without the costs of setting up a physical IT infrastructure. AP software implementations are especially fast in the cloud, with AvidXchange being able to deploy in an Acumatica environment within 45 days.

This swiftness also translates to improved network scalability, allowing you to handle significant invoice volume increases without having to invest additional resources. Migrating to cloud accounts payable software will empower your financial processes to move at the pace that generates the best value for your business.

2. Deliver Electronic Invoices Through a Digital Platform

Moving your AP processes to a cloud ERP also removes the need for all  your paper-based activities and recordkeeping. Your SaaS system acts as your electronic ledger and file cabinet with your data being processed and backed up digitally. Integrating AvidXchange with Acumatica removes all need for manual entry and filing, creating an entirely paperless accounting environment.

There are many advantages to hosting your AP on a digital platform, including the visibility it affords your finance managers into your procurement operations. This prevents siloed information from affecting the accuracy of your payments, as well as allows you to identify any attempts at fraud much more quickly.

acumatica avidxchange ap accounts payable

3. Automate Your Payment Cycle

The key to accounts payable automation, of course, is being able to eliminate all the tedious tasks and disruptions that draw out your AP processes. Yet your system must also be to do this with consistent accuracy and speed – AvidXchange delivers both, and when connected with your Acumatica ERP, your solution will collect and execute on data your AP personnel record in your software.

Vendor information, discounts, regulatory requirements and more are calculated with each purchase order and invoice, allowing your finance managers to make quick, data-driven decisions and drive your processes forward. Approval processes are included in your automated accounts payable workflow, shortening payment cycles while still ensuring that you have accurate receipts and electronic audit trails.

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