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What’s New for Sage 100 ERP 2013 (f/k/a Sage MAS 90/200)

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Sage 100 ERP 2013 – Released on December 14, 2012

Sage has recently introduced its new Sage 100 ERP 2013 system.  The new release comes with various new enhancements that make updating to the new system a must. These enhancements allow for a smoother user experience and greater productivity.  Some of the benefits include increased flexibility of Credit Card processing through Sage Exchange and the ability to easily design new and modify existing reports using enhanced Intelligence Reporting.  This article will look into the new features dealing with credit card payments and your financial reports.


Payments Information Anytime Anywhere: Conveniently and securely view your payments information in the cloud from your tablet or desktop using the Sage Exchange Portal.  You can customize your dashboard so you can quickly get the information that is important to you.  With the growing need to thwart fraud and reduce your exposure, Sage 100 ERP 2013 allows you to store sensitive cardholder data in the secure, cloud-based Sage Exchange Vault.  For added cardholder security, the 2013 version allows a one-time use credit card payment transaction without having to save credit card information.



 Easily Accept Credit Card Payments: Sage Payment Solutions makes it easy to accept payments by credit card for the services you provide your customers, using Accounts Receivable invoices. You will be able to manage your Sales Order accounts by setting the amount you want to pre-authorize, whether it is a portion of your transaction, an amount over the transaction amount, or the entire amount owed.  You will also be able to provide your customers with a payment confirmation by including the amount they paid on the Sales Order invoice.  Turn complicated transactions into a reliable cash flow stream by simplifying your repetitive billing for services, such as membership dues.

Reduce Merchant Transaction Fees: Use the Sage Exchange card swipe capabilities to reduce merchant transaction fees and the time you spend processing payments.

Intelligence Reporting Enhancements: New features in Sage 100 ERP intelligence reporting allow you to take full control of all your report design layouts, and remove the complexity of designing financial reports inside Excel®.  The enhanced Report Designer provides drag and-drop Excel financial formulas and greatly enhanced flexibility.  From within the Mapping Tool Interface, easily add your reporting groups and delete existing ones, and utilize the enhanced internal logic to more efficiently handle larger amounts of row reporting groups.

If your reporting needs change frequently, the Report Designer Add-In provides you with refined control of your reporting layouts.  It provides enhanced flexibility to drag-and-drop Excel financial formulas, communicates with a powerful new In-Memory processing engine, and easily creates Multi-year and Multi-Budget financial reports.  Get the level of detail you require using ranges and simple arithmetic to control the way your accounts roll up.  Use the cash flow statement layout as a template to model your cash flow report and meet your unique business needs.

The 2013 release also includes enhancements to financial reports, such as a Current Month layout, so you can get values for a select period.  The Financial Containers have been enhanced to include Segment Code Descriptions, New Budget YTD fields Expressions, Prior Budget YTD fields, and YTD Excel Expressions.


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