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Have you outgrown your current ERP solution? Do you find you have to rely more and more on third party applications to make the software work as needed? If so, then it might be time to take a look at Sage X3. This is good news for companies considering a change because the number of features and benefits are outstanding. In addition, to the well-known features previously available, Sage has introduced a number of additional upgrades and enhancements that has increased the overall efficiency of Sage X3. In previous posts we discussed the benefits for existing users, but in this blog post I want to provide a brief listing of the most attractive features for those evaluating change.

Compare Your ERP Solution
Learn about the newest changes to Sage X3 and compare it to your existing ERP solution. Assess whether these items would make day to day operations more effective and less costly. Ask yourself if your current ERP solution can offer such flexibility without having to turn to a third party solution.

  • AP/AR Terms Discount – Increase customer loyalty and be more competitive by using the new Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) Terms Discounts functionality. These enhancements provide you with the ability to apply early payment discounts, such as 2% 10 Net 30, to both AP and AR using a specified date range, or to always apply the discount. You can also set discounts based on the number of allowance days, or the grace period, that you want to continue to allow the discount to be taken. You have the option to discount the total amount including, or excluding, any additional charges such as freight and sales tax.
  • Postal Code Enhancements – Reduce mailing costs by importing postal code lists and correct existing codes. With new autocorrect and auto fill features that automatically apply the correct City and State information, you’ll save data entry time when keying in postal codes. Another money saving option when you’re mass mailing allows you to use characters beyond the traditional five character postal code format, ZIP+4 codes.  by using Electronic Document Management to capture, distribute, archive and retrieve documents
  • Product Record Improvements – Add an unlimited amount of notes to the items you stock or sell, specify where those notes are displayed, and for how long, using effective and expiration dates. Using note categorization multiple notes that you attach for an item can be viewed by different users. Add one note for the materials management group to communicate important information on product availability, and another note on the same item for a promotion about complimentary products or potential substitutes.
  • Stock Movement Improvements – New matching enhancements empower you with more refined control over how much your receipt and invoices can deviate from their original purchase order. Settings allow you to be as precise as desired with the tolerances that are established, such as the quantity to exceed or shortage amount, by count, or percentages. Allow overage or underage for your invoices, by unit cost amount or by line item. Display or block warnings, and depending on security rights, certain employees can move past the warning and accept a receipt, invoice, or order even when they fall outside of your set tolerances. The more your industry has item cost fluctuation, and you deal with a large quantity of items from each of your suppliers, the more you’ll appreciate these enhancements.
  • Sales Order Manual Hold – Does your team ever waste time tracking down why a Sales Order was placed on hold? To answer those questions, new user-defined Reason Codes, such as Late Payer, can now be added. Hold Reason names can also help communicate if you want your team to allocate stock to that order. Security settings will allow you to designate some of your team members with the ability to intercede and override the system hold settings. If a situation arises such as a key customer placing an abnormal order that puts them close to their credit limit, Manual Order Holds allows you to validate the order before it’s processed and shipped.
  • Sales Tax Reports – If you do business in any US state except for Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, you’ll appreciate the Sales Tax reporting enhancements in 6.5. Streamline and improve your collection setup, and payment of taxes due, and more efficiently deal with the complexities you face when selling from multiple locations and from online shopping carts. Conveniently and automatically generate tax reports, especially for companies selling online who often face more tax reporting challenges than single brick and mortar retailers.
  • Form 1099 Processing – The 1099 IRS form and 1096 processing enhancements in 6.5 will help you simplify the often complex legal reporting requirement for non-employee and subcontractors that you pay throughout the year. These 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, and 1099-DIV new features will track supplier payments that you’ve designated as 1099 reportable, and allow you to export your 1099 and 1096 data to Microsoft Excel.
  • CRM Integration – Sage CRM for Sage X3 6.5 will centralize all your information about external marketing, manage your sales pipeline, automate your customer service, track information about your customers, as well as create dashboards and reports on your data. Using CRM with ERP enables your employees to have access to all the information they need real-time, to provide your customers with exceptional service, without delays. Integrated CRM and ERP also provides the ability to create seamless workflows between your front and back office, sharing access to your key customer information leads to better organizational efficiency, greater order accuracy, and improved communication between your departments—and with customers.
  • Sales Tax Service – Sage X3 Sales Tax is a web-based solution that automatically performs address validation, sales tax jurisdiction research, and rate calculation on the fly. Access a professionally maintained tax engine over a secure internet connection to apply address, jurisdiction, and rate information to every transaction—within the same order-entry or customer set-up screen typically used. The integration is seamless with Sage X3 and all sales tax jurisdictions in the USA and Canada are covered.

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