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Taking the Work out of Workflow

By April 15, 2013March 6th, 2017No Comments

gopaperless3Some people think of document management as just the storage and retrieval of documents. But the right document management software can be used for so much more.  Structuring and automating workflow is another big feature of document management.

One simple way to think about workflow, is considering any document that needs to be approved. Rather than bringing a physical copy of this document to someone so they can sign off on it, imagine viewing this document on your desktop and then clicking a button to send it off to the approver. One huge benefit this provides is the ability to track it later. You can either view the document’s status in the application, or you can configure automatic email notifications to let you know when a document has moved to the next step, or if it has been held up too long. If there are multiple levels involved in this approval, you can configure the route this document will take, so it will automatically get sent on to the appropriate next step.

Think of this electronic workflow tool as a blank canvas. Any process you have that involves documents, approvals or multiple steps, you can structure electronically to gain visibility and add automation. By taking the physical documents out of the equation, and eliminating the opportunity for human error, your workflow will be able to flow seamlessly saving your organization time and money.

To learn more about how to go paperless and streamline processes throughout your business, and how this can be integrated with your Sage 100 ERP or Sage 500 ERP system, please attend our educational webinar on Sage ERP Document Management on Tuesday, April 23 at 2 pm EST.

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