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SWK Technologies Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Saves the Day for Two Clients

By January 31, 2012No Comments

It may be true that there is strength in numbers. On one day not too long ago, two of SWK Technologies’ Network Services (NWS) clients were able to save their own provider-customer relationship by offering superior, uninterrupted service.

“A true backup and disaster recovery solution is a business strategy that allows for continuous operation, even when a client’s hardware, software or data fails,” said Matthew Hahn, vice president of NWS. “This is the only type of solution we offer.”

Bad things can happen to great companies, but on this day, the SWK NWS team was able to quickly identify that both clients had experienced a catastrophic hardware failure.

“The NWS Backup and Disaster Recovery solution allowed for our clients to be functioning in a virtualized environment in less than 60 to 90 minutes,” said Hahn. “Each company would have had to endure at least 24 to 48 hours of downtime if they did not have our solution.”

SWK Technologies provides comprehensive network services designed to eliminate the worries. Businesses can focus on their core strengths rather than technology issues. We adapt our solutions for virtually any type of business, from large national and international product and service providers, to small businesses with local customers. SWK’s Network Service offering assists business owners throughout the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Tri-state area develop the best IT strategy to ensure continuous operation and give a competitive advantage over the competition.

“Many companies confuse just backing up their data as strategy to keep their business operating,” said Hahn. “When something goes wrong, our BDR offering will have you covered in any situation.”

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